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Action Determines Result
Action Determines Result

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Dear Friends!

I am Rangan, a Retired Mechanical Engineer. I have Industry Experience of  50 years. My Family consists of two sons and a Daughter. All married and settled.  My elder son lives in England, I live with my second son Daughter-in-law and  Grand Children.

I am a Business Mentor and Coach.

My passion is to serve and impact the lives of entrepreneurs. So, I did Business Coaching Courses. My mentors Digital Deepak, Siddharth Rajsekar, and Gopal Krishnan all are Million Rupees Coaches.

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Maximize Your Productivity By Pareto Principle
Maximize Your Productivity

                                  Business Is Not Difficult Business Need Not Be Difficult[/caption]

Do I Need A Mentor?

  1. The option You Have Is SELF Learning.
  2. Without Mentor Self-learning is time-consuming.
  3. It is trial and error.
  4. There is no accountability.

  1. Don’t You Think?
  3. Quick and Proven Method is The Only way!
  4. Here is What you Get!

1. Your Winner Mindset

Why Entrepreneurs Fail? Because You Can not Succeed without Correcting Your Fears And Frustrations.  Work at Deeper Levels.

2. Niche Clarity

Each one of us is unique. Our personality determines Best suited Micro Niche. Discover the same.

3. Comprehensive Business Plan

You need a Business plan That is Simple and progressively adaptable

4.Implementation Strategy

Turn Your Business Plan Into Actually Running one. Take Actions. I give You Step by Step guidance.

 5. Scaling To High Income.

You will also be able to take your Business to Next Level Exponentially So that you can start earning  Millions  Fast and Realize Your Dreams of Fulfilling the desires of your loved ones.

Turn Business Challenges into Profit

Every Thursday 5.15 pm To 6.15 pm IST

 These programs are powerful and yet EASY.

Trust me You Will Find Value, As I have learned Them From My Mentors

         (Million Dollar Coaches)

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consultation with me for a month!

Your Money Back Guarantee!

If you found the course not valuable I promise to refund courteously the entire amount 


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Action Determines Result
Action Determines Result

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