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20 Great Reasons to Start Your Easiest Profitable Online Business

Wishing all readers a very Happy New Year 2022.

Welcoming you to my blog 20 Great Reasons to Start Your Easiest Profitable Online Business. You will read about reasons why Profitable Online Business is the Easiest. It is the least risky to make revenue online business model that you can think of.

Great Reasons

  1.  Selling Products or services is essentially helping people with solutions to their problems.
  2. Online Business gives the best career option as it gives freedom of your choice
  3. Digital Marketing is Global and offers infinite scope to market your products or services.
  4. The income you earn is utilizing your skills or you can hire specialists in your business.
  5. Instead of job hunter, you generate employment directly or indirectly thereby providing jobs.
  6. You can take up jobs without disturbing your online business till such time that income is supporting you to devote full time.
  7. Affiliate and eCommerce drop-shipping can be started immediately, without tedious manufacturing processes and warehousing.
  8. No risk of losing job or lay-offs.
  9. You can scale faster depending upon the market. No need to wait for your boss to favor you with a rise in salary.
  10. Become a Brand (through ads posted) by your product or service.
  11. You can get investment for your business and help investors to earn a good return when you make a profit.
  12. One can schedule business according to a plan.
  13. Get the freedom to travel and spend time with family.
  14. Enables you to become necessarily more creative as you are trying to solve problems arising in day-to-day operations.
  15. Chances of multiple streams of income.
  16. The choice to diversify and start multiple units.
  17.  Becoming a mentor and influencer is there.
  18. By automatizing the business processes you gain more freedom from mundane tasks.
  19. Your negotiation skills improve as an entrepreneur.
  20.  You inspire other budding entrepreneurs and motivate them.
  21. In short, Starting an Online Business you gain more freedom of choice and help others associated with you.

How to set up an Online Business?

The starting point is the Niche Clarity.

Humans all over the world are governed by 5 basic needs namely:

  1. Physiological Needs ( or Physical  needs)
  2. Safety and security needs
  3. Relationship requirements
  4. Self Esteem or Social Recognition needs
  5. Self Actualization

These needs are detailed by Maslow’s pyramid schematically.

Micro Niche Selection
Micro Niche Branches

All our actions are centered around these basic needs. Therefore they are fundamental in nature.

Fixing The Micro Niche

A Micro Niche is a very specific topic within Major Topics.

Let us consider Physical Requirements. Food, Sleep, and Sex.

In under Food category, you can go on branching out:

  • Vegetarian
  • Nonvegetarian
  • Vegan

Recipes of preparation processes.

Nutritional values of food

Food supplements

Food storage

Fermented and Natural Foods and Beverages

Spices and condiments (Aromatic, food additives and preservatives)

And like this there ever so many sub and sub-sub topics.

Select one such Micro Niche that you are passionate about, profitable and also evergreen.

After selecting the Niche, setup an online business site. The name and logo, color scheme etc. of your site reflect your Niche. This will enable browsers to readily identify your web page and get an idea of products or services you offer.

Why You need a website?

As we have seen earlier Profitable online business is the easiest and fastest to get started.

However, to get the business going, your website should be properly designed. You will do well to include the following pages:

  1.  Your landing page
  2. About page which tells the browsers about your business and promoters.
  3. Product page which lists all the products you offer and
  4. A sales page, which takes the customer to the payment link.
  5. Finally, you can post a blogs page which lists content related to the products you offer.

This is very important because the browser gets valuable information regarding product, the quality parameters, pricing considerations, and why buy from you. This is a part of content marketing.

You can also offer special discounts and free samples.

Getting a browser to subscribe to your site, and social media also is important.

You can post a demonstration of the use of your products, showcasing the benefits and unique user experience.

Nurturing your customers

Like any other business, your landing page is welcoming the browser to your business. They come here to find out a solution to their urgent unresolved problems. You need to figure out what those problems are and offer a solution.

Give some freebies to get their email id.

Once you have built an email list, sending emails follows.

You need to drive your email marketing


Profitable Online Business needs Email Marketing

 Profitable Online Business
Profitable Online Business

Exploring Other Marketing Methods

Apart from eMail marketing which we have seen, there are other methods to boost your online marketing efforts.

  1. Content Marketing ( we have dealt with earlier in this Post)
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. SEO/SEM Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing ( we can offer our products to affiliates) Or we can act as affiliates to other products that compliment our Niche
  5. Influencer Marketing.

Marketable Value of Products Or Services

A product or service when positioned as the premium with enhanced trouble-free utility can command a higher price.

You can naturally more on advertisement for such products and establish its brand value soon.

Therefore, as a business person, your effort should focus on such products

Strategy for Attracting New Customers

you will learn about 8 ways to Attract New Customers. There is a tendency among people. That if other consumers are using or favorably comment then they also want to buy such a product.

To achieve this you can adopt the techniques:

  1. Giving discounts, buy one get one free. gift coupons or any other incentive.
  2. Get referrals and post them on your site.
  3. Nurturing old customers and extending continued support to them
  4. Networking is the best way to establish your expertise. Therefore join trade communities, post in Quora and LinkedIn useful articles. This will attract people to your site
  5. All information should be updated regularly so that there is no anomaly.
  6. Partnering with other allied businesses will increase your network. Team with other experts in the industry.
  7. Use rating as a strategy to establish trust among customers. You can use Google rating, Trust Pilot. A Google Star rating is a five-star rating scale that ranks businesses based on customer reviews
  8. By sponsoring events / promotional activities you can attract more people to your business

Metrics and Keep track of Performance

By Metrics, we understand the key performance of your business site.

No of visitors to your site, Organic, Referral, Direct, and so on.

Clicks each post got, time spent on each post, bounce rate, where the browsers originate, geography, users men and women, age group, etc.

With this data, you can monitor customer behavior.

You can also monitor conversion.

Metrics help you to see how well is your overall performance.


Online business is easy and fast.

You can start your operation immediately.

Carefully select your Micro Niche.

Setting up various pages and site feel is very important.

Focus on all aspects of Marketing

Monitor metrics.

Above all, treat expenses depending on their essential nature, and set part of your income to reinvest in your business.

Hope this article is helpful for you to launch your Internet Business. If you require any help or clarifications do contact me at [email protected]

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  1. In my opinion, people who are starting their business must invest some time in promotion and branding which is an essential part of any business. I found your strategies for attracting new customers very effectively, thanks for sharing this. Keep sharing more.

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