All the your Marketing activities start with an Email list that you generate through various methods. In this article 6 Great Ways To your Email List Building in Marketing, you will learn all it takes to make a killer Email Marketing Campaign.

In addition, you can find out about the awesome tools. The good thing is these make the Campaign simply effortless and Automatic.

Do you want to explore?

I am hell-bent serious to make your Email Campaign very successful.

1. Correct Practice To Invite Email

Wrong Method

First, the wrong method we should avoid to get someone to Register is forcing them. They also term it squeezing email. This according to well-meaning long term business followers is, to say the least Unethical

Promote Interest Of Your Optin To Gain Access To Their Email.

The Right Method

However, this method is to set value for your customer by offering useful things Free like:


  • EBooks
  • CheatSheets
  • Invitation To Priced Webinar (Free)
  • Tips and Tool ( Relevant To Your Niche)
  • Gifts In The Form Of Discounts To Your Products
Give Freebies To Optin

Basic Principle of Email Sharing

Handshake Indicates Bondage

Before talking about Email Sharing I like to dwell upon certain Human Characters, which govern their relations.

We all would have experienced this in our Schools and Colleges. How did we select our friends and our friends why did they preferred our companionship?

The process of opting to share their email with us is in the same lines.

Plato said “Similarity Gets Friendship”

Trust Is The Key To Lasting Relationship

7 Stages In Trust Building

It is the most important factor in any human interaction. All Brands hinge on this one imperceptible thing.

Delivering value without any expectation is the first step.

We all begin as total Strangers

A small interaction brings us closer depending on our demeanor, turns as Acquaintance. This then takes us to next level of communication in sharing common interests.

Then we start Exchanging value of mutual requirement.

When Certain fairness is perceived there is sense of Trust

If the exchange continues then total trust is established.

For your convenience listed hereunder:

Lis of People With Whom We Can Develop Trust.

  • First and foremost – People with whom we can share our emotions
  • Sharing common pursuits and Goals
  • One who can Promote our self-esteem.
  • People who see us beyond our frailties
  • Long Time Association
  • Bonds happen between people who frequently interact.

Let us see how this list can be put to use.

  1. If you address a pain point of your user it can be a common thread to connect with you. How this is possible? Possibly you can pose the question ” May I help you? ” Use Chat Bot intelligently
  2. Common Groups like Facebook and LinkedIn and others where people share articles and comments. This is where you can develop a friendship. There many networks, like Medium, Mighty Networks, and Free and Paid membership councils.
  3. Sports and Coaching Clubs. Cricket, Tennis, Football, Swimming, and Diving. Racing Clubs. Yacht Clubs.
  4. People see as people in Non-Profit organizations. By doing Voluntary Service for a few hours, you can develop many associates and friends.
  5. Without sparing efforts, be friendly with all those you come in Contact with. Do not label them. It may be your car mechanic, household appliances repair mechanic, Insurance Agent, Banker, or your child’s teachers.
  6. This list similar to the above; for example, people we meet in parks, Gyms, Coffee shops, and your neighbours and others.

Now that you got some basic ideas you can happily Explore them.

Email Campaign Practice

Having a Clear Focused Audience is possible only with Micro-Niche

Now that we have conceptually set our goal, let us see about the Practices:

Great Subject Line

The subject line in the Email should spell out categorically what is in there for them to exchange their Emails

It should be Compelling and Short and Easy to understand.

Set A Goal

The purpose of collecting and making an email list is to lead them into your Sales Page

After delivering the initial useful stuff, you have to follow up with relevant information.

Highlight the benefits of your product and what they lose by not buying it.

Stress about some free trials and or discounts.

Lead nurturing is a long process that should be followed persuasive. At the same time projecting only the value, they would get.

3. Timing

All actions are best taken when the time is proper.

When most of your audience is likely to see your invitation place your invitation

In a Landing Page, the browsers attention span is that of SCANNING

4. Scanning Pattern of Users

It is not surprising, that readers who visit our post do not read everything from head to foot. At best they follow an F Pattern

How Users Scan Web Pages: The ? F? Pattern

There are tools to track the eye movement of readers. I use hotjar

This eye-movement of the users is very useful to capture their attention. So, select a eye-catching place to put your invitation.

Mobile Compatibility

5. Mobile Compatibility

These days sizable people use more SmartPhone than Other Devices. Therefore unless you make your email opt-in page is visible across all the devices you may lose a part of users.

Your page layout may look great on a Desktop computer, but when it comes to Mobile there may be overlapping. To avoid this make sure to preview the Mobile display.

6. Use Proper Tools

Some of the Tools used with a lot of Templates to select are:

  • Hubspot
  • ClickFunnel
  • GetResponse
  • Leadpages
  • OptinMonster
How to Design Your Optin Page

There are many more in the market and offer different packages.

Though expensive, I prefer to use ClickFunnel

Once you have created the opt-in page, the emails collected should be properly acknowledged.

Create Thank You page

For enable this process you can create custom response page. This can be automated by integrating, with broadcasting, like your on site, all the email addresses can be redirected and stored in our local device.


Zapier is a great tool.

I find that Zapier is a very versatile tool and user friendlily for integrating many tools besides lead tracking and sending them to our Google sheets.

You can automate all your marketing activities like Sales and Payments.

Recap Summary

Email Capture is the very basis for Digital Marketing Activities

Believe in Win-Win Strategy.

Build Trust with the user in establishing right communication.

Nurture and Keep giving value in phases.

Trust results by Fairness in Dealing. Shun Exploitation.

Work for a long standing relationship by building Community around your trusted customers.




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