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8 Powerful Ways to Blog Monetize secrets to Save your business

8 Powerful Ways to Monetize blogs

In this article titled “8 Powerful Ways to Monetize Blogs secrets to save your business ” you will find details primarily considering :

  1. The essentials of top-ranking blogs
  2. Whether blogging revenue model workable?
  3. How to set up a business blogging site?
  4. Niche selection for your site
  5. Identifying audience  persona
  6. Lead Magnets and Traffic Generation
  7. Working Your Marketing Strategies
  8. Funnels and The Art of Conversion

8 Powerful ways to Monetize Blogs

While it is a fact that many earn a lot of money it is also true only a few make enough:  “After quizzing 1,000 of U.S. bloggers about their earnings, it was found that “81% of bloggers never made even $100 from blogging” and only about “8% made enough to support a family”.

blogging stats

At the same time, the top 8 blogging sites have been able to generate revenues in multiples of millions.

  • Moz: $44.9 million per year.
  • PerezHilton: $41.3 million per year.
  • Copyblogger: $33.1 million per year.
  • Mashable: $30 million per year.
  • TechCrunch: $22.5 million per year.
  • Envato Tuts+: $10 million per year.
  • Smashing Magazine: $5.2 million per year.
  • Gizmodo: $4.8 million per year.

This goes to show that there is a great disparity between those who make the highest-earning and others with no income.

Let us work with this backdrop, fix what are our Goals.

You are at liberty to chose your Revenue Target.

That said, the principles remain the same.

Therefore, without much ado let us study how to achieve our goal.

Essentials of top-ranking blogs

1. Niche Selection

Now, before you embark on your journey to write powerful ways to monetize blogs, please clarify your goals. Be very specific

You need to make your business enjoyable for sustained involvement in it. And to excel in any vocation your passion is the best key. Therefore, selecting your Niche is very important. It is counter-intuitive but its true that micro-niche very useful for the success of business. This is the first and foremost requirement. For further info about niche, selection read my article

2. Website Creation

Next in this order is your website. Make it crisp and clean and easy to navigate. Speed of your site and mobile accessibility, you should take into account.

3. Content creation

Now comes your content. Know exactly the audience for whom it is catering. There are three levels and each level is essential. Those who have not known you, those who know and do not have experience with your products and services. They need to be nurtured to trust you.

A third category, who have interacted with you. These customers are loyal and you can upsell to them.

4. Title tag and Keyword

Title tag and H1 and headlines analyzers do a fantastic job of showing the composition of the title. They show common words, power words, emotional words, uncommon words, etc. So spend time writing the titles for keywords you are aiming for. Make your keyword longtail one.

5. Readability of Content

Do research about the topic you are writing about. Organize your subheading logically flowing. And also include keyphrase example ‘Powerful Ways to Monetize Blogs’.  Keeping the attention of your reader glued to your writing is the prime concern.

Joseph Sugarman in his book ” The Adweek Copywriting Handbook” talks about how the flow should be. He says it should be like a “slippery slide”. Meaning the reader should read the entire text. For this, he recommends as follows. The purpose of a headline is to capture the attention of the reader. Curiosity arousing! Talks about readers’ immediate pain points and frustrations. So, they start reading the first sentence. That leads to the second and till the end they go through with total attention. No distraction in between

6. SEO and Image optimization

Even if you have written the best of the contents, unless it is ranking in SERPs, people won’t find it easily. For organic traffic, it is absolutely essential to comply with SEO and optimize your images.

Adding a video has a great advantage. It is easy if you use SEO tools like the Yoast premium plugin or a similar one.

Keyword phrases, reading difficulties ( Flesch Reading Ease), using limited passive voice sentences, internal and external links, optimum use of transition words and keyword usage, etc. are highlighted for you to correct.

A meta description is what appears in search results, and browsers click or skip seeing this. Therefore it is crucial it is very and arouse curiosity.

7.Web2 or Off-page SEO

What we have seen is on-page SEO and now we will see off-page SEO.

Broadly speaking, off-page SEO is promoting your blog post by sharing in social media, backlinks depending on the quality and usefulness.  When someone finds it useful, then they share it. You can also share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Medium, and others.

8. Call To Action

Having done all these steps and ensuring you get visitors the next step is Call to Action.

A clear call to action can be as:

  • To subscribe to your site to receive more emails informing you about new articles.
  • To comment about the post
  • Buy your products.

You can creatively use it by incorporating Quizzes and Puzzles, Surveys and Polls, and so on.

This activity on the part of browsers is non-committal and at the same time more engaging.

Whether blogging Revenue Model Workable?

As we have seen at the beginning of this article, there are enough stats to show that blogging can generate enough income. It is a sustainable model, provided you do it correctly.

You can learn about the income streams listed here. monetize your blog site in so many different ways and that too even without ads.

Therefore you will find it acceptable that as a Business Model it is pretty much feasible.

Identifying audience  persona

We have identified our Micro Niche while considering our blog business and setting up our site. Now let us profile our audience persona.

What is the audience persona?

Yes, it is picturing the exact description of our probable customer and detailed at that.

The details include:

  1. Age group and Gender
  2. What are their interests?
  3. Their psychographics mean their buying preferences
  4. Geographical locations
  5. Where and when they hang around so that we can target them there.
  6. Their social status and family
  7. Linguistic orientation
  8. Cultural ethos because you can not sell milk products to a vegan
  9.  Most importantly their pain points, how urgent they are.

Marketing is all about aligning with your customer profile so that they feel like one of them and TRUST you

Lead Magnets and Traffic Generation

Lead Magnets are things you offer free to your visitors. This can be done in many ways.

Offering any freebies of value to your target audience is the essence.

Normally, eBooks, Cheatsheets, useful templates, or tools. Podcasts, webinars are used to drive traffic.

Starting from answering question answers on Quora, and posting useful posts and images on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram there are many strategies you can workaround.

Promoting through ads, guest blogging, YouTube posts getting traffic sources are many.

Unless and until people see value in your endeavor, there is not going to be big traffic.

Working Your Marketing Strategies

Marketing and Copywriting are determinants for the success of your business.

The strategy of bringing people to your site and converting them into customers is Marketing.

  • Make  effort to the people feel that there is something for solving their urgent problems
  • Tell them a story that is relatable and assure that they can easily solve their problem
  • Show how your solution is unique and could mitigate all their pain points
  • Show proof to validate your claim
  • Make an offer that is scarce and urgency to close the deal by offering special price discounts
  • Increase the value by free gifts.

Listed above are easy methods to attract more customers.

Funnels and The Art of Conversion


AIDA for powerful ways to monetize blogs

We have seen the 8 Powerful ways to Blog Monetization secrets to saving your business, which I reiterate here for you to easily remember.

  1. The essentials of top-ranking blogs
  2. Whether blogging revenue model workable?
  3. How to set up a business blogging site?
  4. Niche selection for your site
  5. Identifying audience  persona
  6. Lead Magnets and Traffic Generation
  7. Working Your Marketing Strategies
  8. Funnels and The Art of Conversion

Each step is important for monetizing your blog.

Though there are many different ways to monetize like Advertisement, product sales physical and digital either or third party sourced, subscription, and coaching and courses. whatever you sell, you need to follow the above steps for the success of your business.

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