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7 Strong Marketing Success Steps

7 Strong Marketing Success Steps.

Email capturing, Lead Generation, and Sales Funnel are all focusing on sales resulting in a profit. What is important or the base for all these activities? Undoubtedly Marketing. In 7 Strong Marketing Success Steps, I am going to take you through the steps to achieve this Objective- Conversion or Sales.

Seller vs Buyer


Product or Service provider pitches trusting that the product or service is the best offers through various channels, promoting it.

The buyer searching for a solution lands on anyone’s site where the offer is attractive.

We need to master this principle very clearly.

Buyer vs Seller market

Strong Marketing Success Steps
Strong Marketing Success Steps


Strong Marketing Success Steps include as a first step a clear understanding of Buyer and Seller psychology. The dynamics of Market Trends, study of Demand and Supply.

Buyer Market is when the supply is more than the demand. In common language, the purchaser has many choices, to buy. The seller reacts differently or thinks of marketing strategies by offering additional benefits like discounts or buy-one-get-one, buy now pay later. These are innovations in this type of market.

In a Seller Market, the Demand is more than the supply. Typically, the seller calls the last shot. Offers on a bidding system. Whichever buyer offers the highest price gets it.

1. Marketing Psychology.

Millionaire Marketing Tips
Millionaire Marketing Tips

How psychology works here, we will see. People are not buying products, but solutions to their problems. Whom they trust? One who has Brand Image. Whose results are measurable. If you are a small player in the market, align with big brands. Offer a unique value, keeping in mind the problem he/she intends to get rid of. Therefore, you must know your client’s mind. This I call psychology.

2. Creativity

AS you think about the customer requirement and also consider what additional feature I can provide. This is the area your creativity comes to play. Not only better product, better offer as a whole.

3. Strategic Marketing Plan

“A marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of their products or services. A marketing strategy contains the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements.”


4. Advertisement and Sales

Advertisement and Copy Writing is a marketing tool if it is used intelligently it can bring huge sales. Your brand is intrinsically woven into it.


Copy Writer's task
Channel desire direct it

Copy Writing is the highest contributor to Marketing success, besides the quality of the product or service.

5. Analysis of Marketing Budget

Marketing expenses can not be undertaken in isolation without regard to the outcome. And at this point, we are concerned about several metrics which justify the cost.

  • Marketing Qualified Leads indicates the people who shown interest in the Brand (range of products)
  • Sales Qualified Leads are those, who are potential buyers
  • Funnel Conversion Rate gives how effective were trends of marketing efforts. And indicates numbers who moved through their funnel.
  • Marketing Expenses incurred in acquiring a customer.
  • Return on Marketing Expense
  • The lifetime value of the customer. This is a projection of probable sales the merchant can expect. Potential buying forecast.

6. Optimization

Having obtained all the marketing budget spend, the Marketing Head chalks out a plan to optimize.

marketing budget optimization
Marketing Budget Optimization

7. Execution Automation

“Money Loves Speed” I will add to this anonymity.

When we make the greater part of the operations involved in Marketing except for core ones where human intervention is required, Marketing takes wings. Therefore automation is an absolute necessity. 

Additional Factors Contribute

Marketing is an integral part of an organization. Therefore it can not be considered in isolation as it might seem. Far from it.

User Experience

What draws a customer back to buying again and again.

Easy Transaction Good Customer Experience
  • Ease of transacting with the Merchant. More and more people opt to scan through the product they are searching in their Mobile phones. Consequently, Merchants need to adopt this facility. Give choices by posting images, show prices.
  • Payment options can be extended so that customer does not abandon the cart.
  • Merchants show also slides with the caption “People who bought this also bought this” which helps boost the sales.
  • Merchants of bonuses, discounts, and other benefits to keep customer loyalty.
Packaging and Delivery
  • A good package can enhance customer experience
  • Delivery or shipment of products on or before the estimated time another good practice.
  • Return of Damaged or unspecified product shipped wrongly should be made straightforward.
  •  Delivery should be at a convenient time, possibly after confirming by phone.
  • Expiry date and the price tag with tax should be included with the packing.
  • A guarantee or warranty card should be enclosed.  Instructions regarding working and operation should clear. So include the manuals
  • Unpacking should clear, so that damage to the product is     voided

After Sales Follow up

Your relation with your customer does not end with the delivery of the product. After-sales service and supply of spares and consumables give the customer a really good feeling. So, you need to take care of that aspect.

Bring your customer to the limelight

In an easy simple way, you can honour your customer in your company informal meetings with them give gifts and introduce to others. Inviting them to share their experience with the company. Talk about his tall contributions to the company. Tell other customers who were not able to make great, they too can emulate such customers. And you are ready to extend all help.

These are some fringe elements but done well to boost your marketing beyond the competition.

Competition Always throws a Challenge.

Our competitors are our strength since they make us alert.

Watching our competitors closely and studying their products and getting feedback from their customers, will help us provide an even better product or service.

Networking in certain areas welcome. That is how marketers organize meet ups.


Outlining, the seven closely linked principles involved in Marketing, namely,

  • Customer Psychology,
  • Creativity,
  • Strategic Marketing  Plan,
  • Advertisement and Sales,
  • Analysis of Marketing Plan, and
  • Optimization, and Automation

We have seen how effectively tackle Marketing

Further, we saw some fringe elements which promote user experience.

If you follow these steps I have no doubt that our customers will have pleasurable experience with us.

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