7 Way High Power Converting Contents

7 ways to write superpower converting contents?

7 ways to write superpower converting contents.

You will read in this article ‘7 ways to write superpower converting contents’ about getting a lot of traffic. But can you be satisfied with that traffic alone?                   Helping you to great content writer

You Are a Great Content Writer

My message is – Do not stop after reading Superpower converting Contents and writing an article there. You will get enough traffic. It is not about Clicks that you should concentrate on. Consequently, then What should you concentrate on? 

If you study carefully the title is ” Superpower converting Contents”. The emphasis is on conversion

Therefore the straight answer Sales. Have a clear mindset, that you are helping your clients with your products and services to solve an urgent problem by selling.

So how we can achieve it? By creating great content ?” I am going to dig deep into and spell out the little understood and shared secret. 

Well then, so we are talking about Super Power converting Content (Content Marketing) because as we all understand the purpose of content marketing is to educate your prospective client about the product. Thereby, slowly lead them into your sales funnel.

How we achieve this, is the theme of this article, so that it helps you with superpower converting content creation. 

We will go to it step by step.

Want to know the secret I learned after years of figuring out what all it takes to churn out great content?

Unveiling it for you as I am certainly keen to help my internet clients. So please understand my intention. You are the ones for whom I am writing.

1. Great Superpower converting Content.

In-depth knowledge about the product or service is the first step.  The second step is ‘Conveying that information in an attention-grabbing manner.’ And the third step is knowing the Essential Keyword (example: superpower converting content). The fourth step is to write about it.

Seed Keyword

You start with ‘seed keyword’ and go to longtail keyword using tools like Semrush keyword tool, Google trends, and others. Keyword Stemming is a great technique to get the best find

Write superpower converting content liked by the audience.

Imagine that you wrote superpower converting content, then what is the acid test? Naturally, it is the audience’s response.

Interested to know the secret that makes your content liked by your audience? See below. At the same time if after all your best steps are taken to sizzle your content, No Sale.

Do not lose heart. You might ask how, despite failure, you can stay calm. At the end of this article, I am giving some tips about leads.

Superpower Niche

At this stage be concerned with “what are the keywords a ‘blogging guru’ should match?”

The keyword is the first focus for your prospects. Paying attention to this fact will help our content to position us as an expert. So, the keyword is relevant to your Niche.

  1. Useful and Niche Focused, content is what the experts prescribe to make awesome superpower converting content. Therefore to bring focus to ask what are the steps to use? And who is my audience? So by the question, you would get clarity. Clarity about the purpose by which you make superpower converting content click.
  2. Contextual content

  3. Also, since the audience is human, understand the Contextual situation of your target. It means, how your reader interprets what you write. There is always a gap between what we try to convey and what is understood. Consequently, understanding and context in which our prospect reads are critical.
  4. Superpower converting content -Intent is key

  5. Therefore, you should focus on the content as much as the users’ Urgent problems rather than being generic. Many content writers’ aim is to get more leads, affect more sales.
  6. This may be naturally your urgent requirement. Similarly, content that quickly converts shifts priority from the writer to the consumer.
  7. Narrow down your niche to a Micro-niche.
  8. Make the Platter neat and clean

  9. However delicious the food is served on a dirty platter, people do not relish it. Similarly, even if you write a superpower converting content unless it is on a clean page, it becomes less effective. Therefore make your content on a neat, clean, and pleasing platter. The metaphor here is your site, your content page, and the contents.  The pleasing texture of your layout, color, font, and layout is what you pay attention to. In addition, there should be no distractions like popup and attention-diverting advertisements.
  10. Establish your authority

  11. Establish your authority in your superpower converting content by showing proof for your claims. Substantiate further by giving supporting statistics, data in easily understandable graphs and pictures or images.
  12. Understanding the keyword in a way suggests what browsers’ problems are? To find out how browsers use differently worded ‘keywords’ that mean similar meaning, please refer to my post ” How to rank LSI keywords ?”
  13. Use Keyword Stemming Technique

  14. Intelligently used Keyword Stemming is a proven method. It brings out the inherent meaning of the search term. By searching on the internet, you can become more creative in choosing a unique topic

2 Great Headlines (H1)

Showing here an example of great headlines. Reading this simply is no game. Analyze for the following:

Use headline generator and analyzer tools

Great headlines can be easily mastered by observing our reaction whenever we see a headline. Also, use headline analyzer software. I would like to demonstrate it with some typical examples.

Headline examples for superpower converting content

How to Monetize your blog fast without even ads?

Are you struggling with Email Marketing?

10 things you fail to do as your Competitors do.

Simplifying lead generation and conversion without even SEO.

Do away with Complex SEO  yet Rank high.

Find a secret thread here; all these headlines have one thing in common. They address your immediate urgent problem and suggest or offer a solution. It is attention-grabbing because something you want is there. This is one part of the AIDA framework (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action.)

To retain the attention thus you got to keep writing useful things.

Superpower converting Contents
Superpower converting Contents Funnel
Happy customer
Content Funnel Customer Satisfied

User Experience

Your keyword and the Search Engine Optimization helps you to make you’re visible in SERPs.

Meta-description for high voltage blog

Meta-description is like an invitation to the browser. Make it really a welcome message showing the intent of your message. So that they see it also in meta-description example you see  Superpower converting Contents  Therefore, they come to your site. And browse through the blog. Unless they get a great user experience, it is likely they may not feel it is a superpower converting content.

Hold prospect’s focus?

You need to offer your superpower converting contents over a neat page without any distractions. This will make them stray away. The text and added images should not only be pleasing but also help them to understand the text easily. Because, if your text explains in many words, your graphics can achieve this in a fraction of a second.

Browsers can easily relate to stories, therefore making your message like a story. It is the story about your Superpower converting Content, that empowers your client, to overcome their urgent problem.

Psychology that Works

Holding the attention of the reader is only one part of the story of Superpower converting Content. Next comes the crucial part of motivating them to emotionally decide favorably about your offer should be Irresistible.

Work on Your Mindset

You are confronted with your belief that money-making is impossible for you. So you sabotage your own money-making efforts. Therefore you need to become aware of the fact that it is wrong and change it with positive feeds.

  1. I always advise that we should list down all our fears and frustrations and replace them with opposite emotions. No doubt it takes time, nevertheless, it results in writing Superpower converting Contents
  2. The promise of a hitherto unheard-of story of the journey makes it appealing because it is curious. Curiosity is a great hook, for superpower converting contents so also, surprise plays its role
  3. The listing of easy steps visualizing the success
  4. Call to action and money refund policy with conviction.
  5. Headlines – understanding customer psyche make it flow consistent with the topic at hand. ( Relevancy)


3. Videos are Best

The content can be written or audio or visual like videos.

You need to use them to your advantage.

Superpower converting Contents video!

We communicate more than 70% of our messages through body language.

“There have been several studies on the complex topic of nonverbal communication with varying results. However, most experts agree that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal.”

“Video has been proven to help increase conversion rates, engagement rates, and more.  97% of video marketers reported that video increased user understanding of a product or service, and 76% reported video helped them increase sales. Including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%.” 

How Video Helps Increase Sales

You may agree that we evolved from mammals. Much information takes place at the emotional level. They are non-verbal.” your mammal brain cannot process language. So our two
brains are literally not on speaking terms, and that’s why our emotions are so hard to make sense of.” Dr.Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD 

Overcome this deficiency by articulating words to arouse emotions. By constant practice, we become adept in this art.

4. Story Telling Explained

Like many of us, we are fond of hearing stories. This was also inherited from the ancient hunting life relic. Men went about hunting games, and when they successfully killed animals, and on their return to the dwelling they started narrating about their adventure to folks at home.

Themes for superpower converting contents story

This is the background of storytelling. Presently we do employ the same age-old tale-telling practice by either talking about our own success stories. Share with kinsmen how they can get to the path of gainful engagement. The elements of the story are the Hero, Villain (an obstacle) a Guide, and Tools- finally victory to the Hero. How well you show and portray this drama (like Shakespeare) determines your success.

5. Employing proper Styles and Images

I say that neat crisp,  pleasing and inviting content is a pleasure to read on. That said, it is only the beginning of the story. Content and Blog readers are not here to only read stories. Their great purpose is to fish for useful solutions to their problems. Making clear the problem and solution at the very beginning of the content invites further exploration.

Keep your prospect glued to the content

Your aim is to keep him/her glued to the content. This is possible if you put yourself into the shoes of your reader. Your narrative should be attention-grabbing.

Instead of monologue write in a conversational, simple, and lively language. Images and pictures break the monotony. Use them judiciously. Images of high quality with proper alt text and title.

Call To Action

Tempting your lead with undisputable reason, showing how a product or service you started helping the reader visualize the benefits and unique it is in value compared with competitors’; now is the time to tell in clear terms to buy. To prompt the act of buying marketers to use the following tactics:

  1.  Persuade Fence sitter to buyer

  2. Limited Stocks only (FOMO- fear of missing out)
  3. Only 24 hours remain to close the deal with a timer (fear of missing out)
  4. Pop-ups like the recent purchase by a new person ( showing the proof that the product is purchased by others)
  5. Ratings and Reviews by customers
  6. 30 days no questions asked refund policy   (covers to get over the risk perception by the client)
  7. Sometimes, celebrities are tagged as the user (status symbol)
  8. Original price and offer price- a discounted price prompts buyers to buy
  9. Bonuses (buy one get one free, Coupons, access to other membership, free delivery, fast delivery)
  10. Packaging ( gift wrapping, waterproof packaging, international cargo packing, and so on)

All the above are techniques cleverly used by marketers.

By inducing all the steps, if the buyer, (after he/she consumed your content) bought your product, you have passed the acid test. Or go to the A/B test.

7. How to persuade?

No Sale? Do not worry!

Bringing value alone will not bring someone to take your offer. There are methods to do it effortlessly. n

Persuasion psychology example
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the psychology of persuasion pdf
what is persuasion
psychology of persuasion articles
theory of persuasion psychology
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influence science and practice
methods of persuasion how to use
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People do not react to intellectual arguments as well as their emotional urges.

That said, people decide emotionally and justify their actions intellectually. Therefore, you must also give reasons for them to justify their purchase.

Refund policy is the foremost of them.

Next, bonuses give them several times their purchase price. Makes the buyer feel that they get tons of benefits for the throw-away price.

Social proof is another step in bringing them closer to the decision to buy.

Marketers talk about FOMO- Fear of Missing out.

In addition to these, persuasive, techniques are employed to convert even the tough buyer.

Persuasion key to superpower content

The art of persuasion and influencing is an important skill. Naturally, we cannot afford to ignore it. The list above is what people are searching, shows the branches of this Science. Persuasion is the skill of making people do things that the influencer has in mind without the person feeling the pressure.

The normal human tendency is to resist the action imposed on them. Rather it needs to be voluntary. Help your browsers to come to the same conclusion as you intend, without sounding that you are thrusting t on them.

Promising a greater benefit combined with the hope of a higher reward is the first step.

However, as a stranger how do they trust you. Build trust by showing empathy.

Psychology guides us to our Persuasion Techniques.

For a more detailed study of this topic, you can read Blair Warren’s book  The one-sentence Persuasion

Summarizing Superpower converting Contents

Internet users tend to scan through superpower converting content rapidly and move on to the next page or the next site. By a great effort of Writing content, you invite the browser to read. To help them rapidly scan and make up their mind, the summary is very useful.

Meta Description you write serves the same way- the only difference is that is very short yet conveys to the browser what that blog is all about.

Its purpose is to: Reiterate all the salient points of the content

  • Motivate the fast scanner to read through the content fully.
  • Persuade them passively to buy or decide in favor of the purchase of the product.
  • The best is that they become familiar with the product or service.

Call to Action

Survey of many websites by SEO Agencies and others who collect data about the performance, find a large section of the sites do not prompt browsers with a clear “Call To Action“.

Those who consume your content need to know – What next, before leaving the site.  A proper CTA button strategically located on your page dramatically improves cold leads into warm leads.

How to reduce Website Exits

A clever method used by the marketers is to use a popup prompting to collect their freebies or links to some related blogs or requests to comment.

Your Free Digital Marketing ebook
6 fig.Digital Marketing Startup eBook_

Therefore, this is a great persuasion method. Hence many browsers do not refuse.

My call to action to you is to persuade you to subscribe to my site so that you get updates on new highly useful and well-researched blogs and content.

I request to you is please comment about ‘Superpower converting Contents’ and share your appreciation ( if you really found it useful) of my content on social media networks. So that, this act of yours is helpful for you to position yourself as an unassailable critical consumer of great content.

I highly value readers’ comments and take them seriously. You can feel happy that you have helped me. Thanking you.

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