Convert Failures into Opportunities

Convert Frustrating Failures readily into Deeply Buried Opportunities

Dynamics Of Failure

You will read in this article about how To convert ¬†Failures Into Opportunities.¬†Here you will read about ‘learning lessons from mistakes or failures’ and then with this insight create new opportunities.

Failure is the perception of the mind of an event or result. How you can ‘Convert Frustrating Failures readily into Deeply Buried Opportunities?

Don’t get me wrong! This is not a philosophical statement, but an everyday reality. Understanding how our minds interpret outcomes of certain Actions is buried deep in our psyche.

Analyze-to Convert Failures into opportunities

As soon as you face a failure what is your reaction? Disappointment, depression, and frustration. Right? Analysis helps you to convert Failures into opportunities. Let us see where to start in this process!

Right Mindset to face failure.

You perform all actions with an end result. But do you achieve desired results all the time? Sometimes there is success and at other times there is the adverse result. Success and Failure are complementary. Establishing our minds in this truth makes you focus on the nature of actions.

Reflecting upon it will clear our negative emotions like disappointment, depression, and frustration.

If you can not do it easily recall when you were a child what did you do.

Why children are not upset by Failures?

They may fall or falter and sometimes even may cry from the hurt of fall. But they spring up again immediately. They start once again with greater enthusiasm.

This the process as children we started learning. Before even a child could stand up, it falls several times recovers immediately, and starts again.

Why is the child attempting again and again? In a child’s mind, there is nothing as “Failure”

Focused only on action.

Toddler Trying To Stand
Convert Failures into Opportunities

Failure is surely a veiled teacher

” when you look back at your failures, you will see that you have learned from them. And they have been stepping stones for you to move ahead” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Instead of getting bogged down by temporary failures step back and analyze. What causes this shift? It is the mindset- a wrong conclusion that it is all over.

Right Mindset Metaphor

What is that you can do? Imagine you are traveling to some destination. You stumble and stop. But to your surprise, you find a treasure. Will you be upset that you stumbled? No! Why? Because you found rich bounty.

Similarly, react to your Failures! That is a treasure.

Tenacity and perseverance are the qualities required to overcome Failures. Interpret it as that you have not been able to find the correct solution. The story of the famous Thomas Alva Edison is a classical example when he stumbled nearly 9999 times before he could successfully make an incandescent bulb.

It all sounds good and soothing, but what do we do?

Failure has a nasty arm, it stuns you and overwhelms you.

Recognizing this is the first step.

How to learn lessons from Failure?

What are the steps to analyze?

  • State clearly the goal or end result that you intend. They say that statement of the problem is half solved. The clearer you are it is easier to find a solution.
  • Trace all steps you have taken towards your goal.
  • Each step – Is it logically connected?
  • Draw a flow diagram
  • Consult and confer with your ‘Master Mind’
  • Defer action temporarily till you feel fully confident.
  • Master Mind Alignment

  • In his famous book “Think and Grow Rich”
  • Napoleon Hill advises about having a ‘Master Mind’It is a well-known truth that ‘two minds are better than one. You have to align with a mentor who has already successfully solved many of the problems.But you have to do hard tasks. Knowing something is different from doing. Many people confuse that knowing is enough and you will get results.

    Every time you come across a problem, do not get the result you aim at, go to the basics.

    A/B test is the best practice. Make a version A and another version B compare the results. Thereby you can fine-tune.

  • Apply your knowledge

  • In Digital Marketing we are considering ‘Marketing with Digital Media’
  • So let us how we create and market these products.

Marketers advise is that before you offer some product or service, investigate –

  • Who are you intending the product or service?
  • How well does your product or service fit their requirement?
  • Why should they choose you among many others?
  • Are you visible to them?
  • How do you gain the trust of your prospect?
  • Are you able to empathize with your Prospects?
  • Where they will see your message? (not necessarily offer)
  • What reaction do you expect them to go through?

These are some of the questions that you should ask.

Find out how well you answered these questions.

Definitely, if there are gaps try to rectify them.

This makes clear the reason for your failure.

Counting Your Pennies.

It is important that while we are talking about failures and product creation and marketing, we also think about counting our pennies. Ultimately our aim is to earn through ‘ Digital Marketing ‘. Facing the task to convert failure into Opportunities, is only a part of the story.

Many start as a hobby- write blogs and at some stage, they want to make it into a side hustle if not a full-time job. Make a living from Digital Marketing.

In this attempt when they start monetizing their website, they face many hurdles

Track Income and Expenditure

Since you have launched Digital Marketing as a business, you need to track your expenditure and revenue.

It might be a while before you start earning. This is the crucial phase. Real hard work is required to start generating your first few dollars.

Points to Ponder and act

  • Failure is Temporary
  • It is a stepping stone
  • Reasons for failure have a great lesson
  • Decoding the failure is the sure way to succeed.
  • Master Mind Alliance is a great way to solve problems
  • Digital Marketing Business is sure to make money
  • Run it as a business take care of income and expenditure.

With these points as guidelines work relentlessly till you achieve the goal. Your hard work will certainly be rewarded.

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