Wondering Digital Marketing StartUp for me?

Wondering Digital Marketing StartUp for me?

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Digital Marketing Startup

Advantages of Digital Marketing Venture. Is it for me?

  1. Yes! Certainly because of the advantages listed below:
  •  To begin with you need only a computer or a laptop and an internet connection. And you are ready to launch Digital Marketing StartUp
  • You can schedule your timing according to your convenience.Remote working is a great advantage, so that you are not restricted to any location.
  • There is a huge community of Internet Marketing Professionals in social media groups.You can tap to their vast potential of experience and advice.However you should evaluate carefully the following.

5  Things You Should consider Before Digital Marketing  Startup

Those who are seriously considering Digital Marketing Startup should know the following five points. This Blog is essentially for the beginners studying in colleges or employed or not and young housewives looking for additional income.

 1. You the entrepreneur

The whole business of Digital Marketing StartUp revolves around you the Entrepreneur. 

What defines the best  an Entrepreneur is the qualities of taking risks. This uncertainty based on is taken after thorough study of opportunities and feasibility.  If you are considering business startup then  Digital Marketing Startup is one promising venture.

Essential Qualities you need to develop

  1. Discipline is an auto-regulatory system, learnt by human species; but extends also in animals, birds and others. Commitment is the key to success. If you find yourself lacking in this do not lose heart. You can acquire this noble quality by repeated practice. It is said that actions repeated without break for 45 days get deeply ingrained in your brain.
  2. Integrity is that quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Simply put what you do not want others to do to you; do not do to others. Keeping up promises and being dependable is meant by Integrity.
  3. Determination and Confidence:  Setting a goal and working towards it motivated by the self-confidence is a very important character for your success.
  4. Motivational Qualities

  5. Self-starter, You do not wait for someone to spoon-feed you. And nobody tells what to do. Impelled by your own urge to succeed you make moves towards your goal. You acquire knowledge and skills, seek the advice of experts in the field, experiment to achieve your goal.
  6. Creative and Intuitive: Creativity and being Intuitive are higher faculties of Intelligence.Can be cultivated by meditation and studies.
  7. Aspire, Perspire and Inspire A strong desire coupled with faith and trust to constitute your aspiration. The strong actions are taken to realise it Perspire. Motivate your team by your actions is Inspire

Tally your present situation with these characteristics and move further.

Niche and Market

Next important step is selecting an evergreen Niche that you are passionate about.  You can not opt for others as you would soon get tired of it and would like to relinquish. Also, you may not have as much knowledge and expertise in such subjects. You must have enough market for this product or service How to find your Niche

Offer unique value for your customers:

Having selected a Niche what special value you can offer to your browser is the next relevant point. There are millions of posts on the internet touching upon almost all products and services. That does not preclude you from offering your services. Most important is that it should be in an unexplored area addressing some unsolved problems or offer a better, easier or cheaper solutions. Only then you can attract people to your site. If it is run of the mill generic – chances of attracting traffic is very bleak.

You need to do extensive research to find out where exactly you fit in. When you are new this task may be daunting. Keyword,  Key-phrase and google trends are areas where you can help to find your uniqueness.

Select your Customers.

They are the very basis of your existence. Define their profile, their requirements.  Before venturing to offer your products or services know customers.

Find out the demographics and tastes. You can use your contacts, social media followers,  to connect with them. Invite to comment and listen to them. Social media is a  great way to accomplish this. The clearer the picture of your customer better results you would be able to get.

Serve Your Customers’ Needs

To establish as a good content brand you should passionately serve your customers’ needs relentlessly. If you think of yourself as content publishers rather than the marketer you are wrong. Your job is to deliver what your customer wants, whatever content that may be. Making the content interesting, informative, actionable and also entertaining. Aimed at your customers solve their problems is absolutely important. Consistent content makes you as an expert in your customers’ perception.  One of the key elements of any brand is consistency.

Authentic Content gives Authority

All information, references and stats should be authoritative. Only then you would have credibility among your customers.  Do not write something that you have doubt. Verify facts for trustworthiness.

Quote authoritative references. Include information about your qualifications achievements. Mention about your training and internship

Economics of operation

Your aim in Digital Marketing Startup is to establish a viable, profitable and sustainable business. Yes, it is 100% business. And all aspects of the profitable business need to be considered and ably applied. Unless you have a clear business model before you launch, it would be difficult to run the Digital Marketing business. Or for that matter any venture.

Digital Marketing Behaviour

  1. Product or Service
  2. Buyer
  3. Sale (Marketing)
  4. Payment
  5. After Sale Service

Product or Service

When you write content, it is with an aim to attract browsers to read it. After they read your content you lead them to take some action conclusively resulting in a sale of a product or a service. Therefore the product or the service which you market is the key element of your content marketing. So, it is imperative that you have a valuable product or service which can solve the pressing problems of your customer.


You should step into the shoes of your buyer and thoroughly understand the psyche of them. How can they trust an unseen and unheard of entity? To bring trustworthiness to your product or service the best way is to give some free items like an Ebook, Software or at least cheat sheets which are useful. While you give these freebies you can also collect their emails. Building an email list goes a long way in your marketing effort.

Sales and Marketing

Sales is an exchange of a product for a consideration of money. Whereas marketing is retaining the relationship long after sales or it starts even before a sale takes place. Another essential difference is that while you are trying to sell a product you concentrate on the qualities of the product and seldom address the issue of buyers pain points which your product is going to solve.  Marketing is a sustained effort to solve customers’ problems which other competitors have not done.

Payment and After sales guarantees

A customer does not part with his/her hard earned money easily unless he/she convinced that the product or service is going to solve their problem. This decision could be influenced by guarantees expressly conveyed to them. Most products come with “money back no questions asked if not satisfied” sort of pledge to assure the buyer. In addition, extended warranty clauses promise to provide after sales help in case of difficulties with the product.

Empathy and people skill

In all the above phases of activities, there is one common skill that is very important. That is dealing with human relations. Building a rapport with all persons involved in the operation of a business determines the success of it. Emotional Intelligence or the ability to handle people as a dynamic organic whole with inherent likes and dislikes, which is classified as motivation, is paramount for a business.


Bare bones of business are to make an income and sustain to grow. Whatever the form of Digital Marketing Startup you are considering you must always keep an eye on cash flow. Income and expenditure. True it is, that you need to invest intelligently, whether it is in terms of money, personal effort or deploying other resources at the end of the day you should be rewarded by a sizable income. There are methods to earn in Digital Business. Starting from ads:

  •  Cost per Click (Google Ad Sense )
  •  Cost per Mlle ads (cost per thousand)
  •  Fixed price ads
  •  Subscription and Paywalls
  •  Pay per Impression
  • Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and above all eCommerce.     

   Keep track of your finance

Key to any business is good book-keeping. So take steps to monitor your revenues and spending.Every dollar or Rupee you spend should earn more than that ( Interest on capital, business overheads like rent for premises, power and Internet costs, Salary of staff including yours and other running costs.) When your earnings are equal to expenditure that is Break-Even Point . Though it might take some time for the business to start earning you must closely monitor this.

If you have basic understanding and are following SEO techniques, there is no risk. Or fear of failure.

Some lucky ones make a quick break and for others, it takes a while.

Wishing you good luck.

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