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Do SEO blogs generate more traffic?

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More and more marketers are turning to SEO blogs that generate more traffic. In so doing they increase their sales and profits. Is the Search Engine Optimization only factor for increased traffic or is there more to it? This is core topic we want to talk about here. Also we will see techniques to improve our blog visibility across other media to attract browser to our write up.

What is SEO Blog

  • Optimizing Blog Content It is said Content is the King.
  • Look and feel as well as ease navigating and accessing of your posts and pages in your site.
  • Site speed is crucial especially for Mobile application.
  • Access of images by search engines by proper alt text and description.
  • Inward and outward linking

Therefore, your blog in addition to providing useful information should take in toaccount of the above facts.

There are plugins to optimize your blog for better SEO.

Is only SEO sufficient to drive traffic?

No doubt that SEO is the preliminary step. Other factors like domain and page authority, not to forget about back links play a great roll in blog being ranked in SERPages.

Methods to drive traffic

People who attract huge traffic to their site opine that the following strategies work well. So it is a valuable to consider result oritnted methods.

  1. Styling the content and Semantics used.
  2. Emotional and motivating headings and subheadins.
  3. Clarity in expaining ieas and concepts.
  4. Data and statistical presentation to authenticate statements.
  5. Quote references from authority sites.

Increase your visibility

People flock to the blogs which address their pain points. This is Fundamental to generating traffic. So,it is our paramount object to find what browsers are searching. By following your ever green Niche you can select a longtail keyword . So, aim your blog at focused audience. Let your focus be Laser Sharp.

Secondly, social Media sharing is vital to genrating traffic. Therefore,Share your posts and blogs in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Telegram. By Writing and answering queries in Quora and sharing in like-minded groups drives traffic.

Give a chance to your content go viral by adopting these steps: Shock and surprise are to main ingredients in making anything viral

Blog concept depiction
AIDA acronym describes the four essential steps

Blog Guru Tips

Making your write up go viral though not an easy task, youcanstill achieve if you follow the strategies.

I give here these tips so that you succeed.

  • High adrenal arousing emotive topics
  • Very practical down-to-earth contents and tips
  • Punch words and quotes which give strong Motivation and drive to action
  • Expertise and authentic content have a chance to go viral and
  • Pictures like caricatures and visual depictions are adictive and shared more.
  • Anything connected with celebrities is always of interest to large section.

If you are lucky, then you go viral not withstanding the above.

Consistancy, clear goal setting are your tools to progress well. Like those who made millions blogging say

Blogging is a Marathon

Research and Creativity

” Around 7 million blog posts are published per day. With the number of active blogs hovering around 500 million, it’s not surprising to discover that over 7 million blog posts are published daily.”

Courtesy: ? The FirstSiteGuide Blog

You need not invent a Wheel. Doing research how we can improve the performance is always there. You know how the technology has taken it further from hard rimmed wooden wheels to new generatin alloy wheels with tubeless nitrogen filled tyres. Similarly, we are using steam engines and Internal Combustion engine instead of the horse . Now modern times we will use hydrogen as fuel. Eelectric cars are coming soon.The analogy is highlighting the transition.

As the bloggers invent new methods by using their creativity, so do the Search engines churn out algorithms to rank individual posts from millions.

Essentially,Search criteria is driven by search terms or phrases called keywords . (How to broaden your visbility in search engines by using keyword stemming are explained)

I wish you all happy blogging and enjoy writing doing research and creativity. Use Lateral thinking to get new ideas.

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