How to Monetize Your Blogs

How to Monetize your blog fast without even ads?

Updated February 10, 2021/ Revised October 4, 2021

Are you a blogger?

If so, normally you are likely to be interested to earn money through your site. In the first place, let us consider “How to monetize your blog fast without even ads?”

You will see how this is done. Here are the steps one by one.

Instead of making money, your blog is for some charitable purpose, you can skip.

Indeed, in our main topic, there are three conditions. Given in the title namely:

  • You want to Monetize your blog site,
    • Get fast results and
      • Not going to spend on Advertisement
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Monetize your blog
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How to Monetize your blog fast even without ads

How Traffic helps to earn through your blog

The first condition is income. 

What is necessary to earn money is indeed traffic.

Here is a quote from none other than ‘Neil Patel’

” blog gets over 10,000 monthly unique visitors- then- yes? it’s relatively easy to monetize. And create a nice revenue stream with it.” Neil Patel

(His claims: a top influencer on the web. Forbes says that he is one of the top 10 marketers. And Mr Patel is a very well-established Digital Marketer and coach.)

So, it is necessary to bring at least moderate traffic to our site. In other words, we need to concentrate on traffic.

How to generate traffic? Consequently, you ask this question. Content that people are searching for is the answer.

Content and Blog Writing

Generally, bloggers write Content for various purposes. Like for educating people on some subject of your expertise.

Video scripts, email, social media and so on. But here we are considering web page copy only.

To write good content or a blog, you need to select a topic that people want to read.

So, Keyword search is for finding that need.

Keyword and Long-tail Keyword

A general keyword may attract a lot of traffic. But then the competition is huge and ranking is extremely difficult. Moreover, you can not cover all the topics.

What to do is, select a long-tail keyword. Dealing with a specific area of a broad topic. By making it more focused and offering it to a very special group. They are interested in it and you are able to attract niche-specific traffic easily.  

Quality of Content

Content is king is the adage among digital marketers. But context is God. (Gary Vaynerchuk) Contextual content only attracts maximum views.

Certainly, write authentic, valuable blogs. And offer it on your SEO-enabled website to attract more traffic. 

Therefore, generating traffic should not be a problem. Ensuring your contents are high ranking in SERP pages is the first thing. The second is also getting many backlinks. Because back-links are an indication of quality.

That said, your traffic alone may generate revenue from ads you publish on your site. Revenue from ads publishing would be a small amount. The next best would be Affiliate Marketing.

We will briefly see about the nature of traffic.

Types of traffic.

There are two types of traffic. 

  • 1. Internal Traffic
  • 2. External Traffic

That which is in our control is Internal traffic. It is when a browser clicks in search engines a link to our page and is directed to our site. Therefore direct traffic is when someone clicks on our post from SERPs. 

External traffic is from a source external to our site like other websites, embedded in YouTube, or through a referral. This traffic not in our control is external.

All the traffic you control and in your purview, paid and unpaid are left out from consideration. Only organic traffic is taken into account. We are only interested in monetizing without Ads.

SEO marketing is increasing visibility and ranking high in SERPs. Naturally, when people see your post listed on the first page of Google, driving traffic to your site (organic) is a cakewalk.

Email Marketing

You do it by capturing emails of visitors to your site and building a list.

Nurture these by offering them valuable information, tools, and drawing attention to developments in the industry. These are termed as ‘Lead Magnets‘.

Make them feel your presence and accept you as a friend empathizing. When such emotion is aroused they accept you as a thought leader willing to help them. And in the process monetization will become easy.

Social Media Marketing.

Promoting your content on social media to your target audience and sharing the content in the form of written, audio, and video formats. Let it be relevant. Those who come to this, call them the cold audience (browsers who have heard about you).

And a warm audience is those who know about you but have not purchased any product yet. They have recognized your brand. They future customers.

The hot audience is those who purchased and have become your customer.  You need to adopt a different approach to each category and write suitable content.

Content Marketing

Through the content, you establish a relationship with your reader, that is easy to keep up. This form of marketing is unique, and the conversion is high.

Niche Marketing

It is another way of identifying your target audience. Whatever product or service your audience is searching for, you identify that. When it is the same, with your chosen Niche, prospects rush to you.

Target them to address your message. They are ready to take it. Here the additional trick is to position yourself as an expert through your in-depth knowledge. Give them valuable content they are ready for buying from you.

Writing a very well researched book helps in this process. (Milgram’s law ‘people obey blindly whatever the expert commands’ )

Pinterest Post
Affiliate Marketing Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing

You find a product or service, that is completely satisfying to you. So, it is your desire to share your experience and recommend it after your use, with an idea to help others.

However, if you do not find the product satisfactory you would not recommend it. So, on your recommendation, people buy that product or service. You earn commission as an affiliate. The trust people have in your recommendation is essential. You need to maintain it at all costs.

Affiliate Commissions

However, the amount of commission varies hugely. So you must choose carefully

I give below Amazon’s commission list

Apparel & Accessories | Luggage & Bags | Watches | Shoes
Toys & Baby Products | Home | Kitchen Appliances | Kitchen & Housewares
Sports, Fitness & Outdoors  DIY & Tools
Books | Grocery & Gourmet | Pantry | Office & Stationery
Health, Beauty & Personal care | Personal Care Appliances
Jewellery (Excluding silver & Gold coins) | Car, Motorbike, Industrial & Scientific Products | Musical Instruments
Large Appliances | Movies | Music | Software | Video Games
Televisions | Computers |Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices) | Mobile Accessories
Mobile Phones* | Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment | Tyres & Rims
Data Storage Devices
Gold & Silver Coins
All Other Categories (Furniture| Kindle devices & E-books| Fire TV stick & other Amazon devices | Others)
Fixed Advertising RatesTable
Amazon’s commission list

Selling Products on Amazon

Are you keen on selling Amazon products? Then, register as an Amazon associate and promote aggressively for fast results.

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In this regard, I would like to share with you the following information.

Niche Selection

Niche selection is important when it comes to Monetizing. Or for that matter affiliates program.

It is Microniche that attracts a focused audience and so conversion is higher.

Furthermore, the niche product selected should be suitable for your website’s overall content. Similarly, posting content related to the same niche shows you are an expert.

Ensure to place the content on a relevant page. It gives better context to your content.

And not least, finally, focus on the Target audience with proper long tail Keyword.

This is where you have to use your content writing skills for affiliates.  

Selling own products

Secondly, our investigation is about “How to monetize your blog fast without even ads”. Here we are going to focus on selling our own products

ECommerce platform

Product sales online (eCommerce) is a promising source of revenue that can be cashed. You bring more value than your customers expect. And so, for promoting the products you have to have a Marketing strategy.

  • On the price advantage
  • Delivery speed and logistics
  • Packaging and 
  • Refund policy.

Physical Products:
How to monetize your blog fast without even ads

Courtesy Youtube Selzs

Considering usefulness and flexibility, the best suited for this is the eCommerce website.


The concept of dropshipping is a new commercial concept. It started in 1960 and ’70. The difference between Affiliate Marketing and dropshipping; is that in Affiliate Marketing you recommend a product to your prospect. Whereas in dropshipping you showcase products manufactured by others and sell them directly shipped by the manufacturer. This is at a price you can fix.

Digital Products:

“Digital products” are indeed our next topic.

Selling non-physical products online is through the internet and so Global.

Finally, all the payment gateway is online.

The advantages digital products

  1. Low investment is only needed since you do not maintain huge stock. All that is required is a one-time investment for developing your product.
  2. Talking about profit margin, it depends on similar products in the market.
  3. Shipping is easy since it is online.
  4. Since It is a growing market, more and more people are likely to buy.

List of Digital Products

The list here is only indicative and you can expand using your creativity.

  1. Firstly, the top of the list is eBooks.
  2. Print books are bulky difficult to carry wherever you go.
  3. Digital books: you can create and deliver through the internet.
  4. For example, eBooks-such as functional, scientific, technological, operational and many more.
  5. Additionally, you can select, Games, videos and online educational products.
  6. Lessons ranging for kids to elders on ‘ health care, fitness, and yoga, cooking to gardening.
  7. Templates for helping people to organize time management, in addition to tips on creating effective personal resumes for job seekers.
  8. So also personal evaluation apps for IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient). Health-related Obesity calculator, etc.
  9. What sells in the marketplace

  10. The best financial products are top-selling.
  11. Travel is also an evergreen niche product.

We see an Increase upward surely in the eLearning niche as a consequence of the changing environmental conditions. So, selling your course aimed at this section of the audience would do well. Therefore, it is better you sell products. 


Summing up, for monetizing your blog fast without even ads:

You need to get traffic.

Publishing ads may not bring much income unless a lot of people visit your site. At least 10, 000 clicks a month.

Since there are examples of marketers spending a lot of money, without getting a return on investment, be careful to avoid this. Therefore, study key performance indexes, spend intelligently on ads.

It is another way- selling Affiliate products – either physical or digital. Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for promoting affiliate products’ sales.

Selling your own products certainly is a permanent way to make a regular revenue stream.

Create an Email list. This you will find highly effective. Invite browsers by offering useful free gifts, eBooks and cheat sheets. Include also any highly useful freebies.

Alternatively, by using Gift coupons and discounts you can certainly, therefore, retain the loyalty of your customers.

Different approach to Marketing

Study methods used by Influencer marketing people, so that you can tap this source.

What is influencer marketing? With the help of highly influential persons (mostly celebrities) promoting your product or service. This can get you insane traffic and sales.


So far you saw that traffic is essential for earning money through blogs.

Two types of traffic- 



Writing contextual content that solves customer pain points only gets traffic.

There are variations in the marketing process. I have given a bird’s eye view together with details where required.

Therefore, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and consequently found value. Hence, I request you to subscribe to our site and comment without fail. This will help me to notify you about new posts.

Wishing you good luck.


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