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We are committed to giving you and welcoming you to Home For Blogging Skills and Contents so that you rank high. At the same time make it attracts more hits. For any blogger, you would agree traffic is the prime aim. In order to help you get we will give it here in our blogging skills and content. All you need to do is read them and apply so that you benefit.

Who Needs Blogging Skills and Content?

Whether you are a business owner, affiliate marketer, eCommerce portal, or a service provider it is unavoidable to acquire blogging skills and content.

  • Blogging or Content is primarily for sharing your ideas, suggestions, and new technology that is helpful to your prospect.
  • For establishing yourself as an expert in a given Micro Niche. This enables you to position yourself as an authority.
  • Traffic Generation is essential for any online business. Blogging and Content attract prospects.
  • Writing quality blogs with skills and content attracts prospects to register to your site, more so with freebies. Therefore email list building is easy.
  • Once someone has registered to your site, nurturing them with regular emails is possible. So, Blogs and contents help lead nurturing.
  • And in due course conversion takes place as a result of the trust your prospect has in your products or service.

Blogging skills and contents

Text and SEO Essentials

First, let us consider the ‘text part of the blog or content’

From my personal experience, I can recommend that the text should be crisp and up to the point. Do not deviate from the Intent of the blog.

As a blogger, your aim is to help your prospects to solve their urgent problems.

Refine what you know by doing research on the topic of separating the chaff from the grain.

It is easier to read direct sentences rather than passive ones. Keep passive voice less than 10%

Make each sentence’s length short. The long-winded form is difficult to understand. Bloggers generally stick to shorter and connected transition words so that there is flow.

Proper headings and subheadings help connect paragraphs.

Creatively use sentences to give variety.

There is nothing more profitable the copywriting skill. With this skill, you can attract a lot of readers.

Next, we will see the Search Engine Optimization part.

  • Select a key phrase or the keyword. This must make your intentions for the blog clear.
  • Your SEO title appears in the SERP so you should carefully select the length.
  • A meta description is an HTML tag that search engines read and display in the results- keep it optimally 155 characters.
  • Add a key phrase in your meta description.
  • Add key phrases also in Slug.
  • Minimum length of 300 words, but ordinarily 1500 to 2000 words preferable.
  • Keyword density should be depending on the length. It clarifies the blog is staying relevant.
  • Also, H2, H3 tags should include
  • Introduction para conveys the intent of the blog and content. Include definition on the keyword and add the intent clearly.
  • Links internal and external(outbound) show that your topic is clear and also add credibility.
  • Last but not least, images add spice and clarity to the communication. Do not forget to add a key phrase alt tag to the image and its title.

Learn the Blogging Skills and Contents from a Mentor

Any business needs fast action because time equals money. Moreover, you incur expenses and unless you start earning we can’t meet the recurring cost.

Therefore, in order to speed up the process of getting results, proven methods are handily learned from a mentor.

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