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Keyword Stemming and SEO

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Updated on 24/05/2021 


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It is common knowledge among digital marketers that keyword plays a major role in SERPs.

Therefore, increasing the reach of keywords by a technique used to get more hits using “keyword stemming”  is our aim. How do we achieve it is the theme of this blog.

Knowing the intention of browser searching and giving relevant content is search algorithms‘ main aim. Keyword stemming is useful and helps our SEO better.

Understanding Keyword Stemming

What is keyword stemming?

“In linguistic morphology and information retrievalstemming is the process of reducing inflected (or sometimes derived) words to their word stem, base, or root form—generally a written word form. The stem need not be identical to the morphological root of the word; it is usually sufficient that related words map to the same stem, even if this stem is not in itself a valid root. Algorithms for stemming have been studied in computer science since the 1960s. Many search engines treat words with the same stem as synonyms as a kind of query expansion, a process called conflation.”   Wikipedia

Conflation is “the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, etc. into one.” Dictionary

It is exactly how Google interprets and makes sense of different word forms and groups them together and tallies them as the search terms. Thereby your Search Term in the blog is returned to the Search Engine Return Pages for the respective browsing query.

In addition to the older practice of matching the exact keyword or phrase match of a Key Term Stemming words are also selected by the algorithms

When we consider connotation, we are talking about the ability of the algorithm to the semantics of different search words, and expressions used to convey the same sense of the keywords.  And it (algorithm) can match various stem word forms of a certain watchword. 

How stemming improves SEO

Having understood, now we will consider what part the derived stemming word plays in Search Engine Optimization. 

Why do we need to take note of the fact that synonyms should be added to the SEO analysis? 

The search term may not be the same as the keyword you used in an article. Your article may be about the same topic, but with a different keyword or phrase. So, the search engine may not consider it relevant for other semantically generated words, unless, you include them.  

And accordingly, use words that convey the same sense or meaning. 

Benefits of including branching words.

There are two benefits of Stemming.

  • Tracking of our keyword and
  • Offset the narrowing of the longtail keyword.

How to do Keyword Stemming? 

Search Engine Experts have found it useful to use Keyword

Stem Stemming -Branch out
A Stem is where Branches come out


We all know that keyword is very important and good for Search Engines. Its usefulness can be increased by many variations. Like long-tail keywords which narrow down the search result potential. However, the advantage is

it returns results for focussed browsers. Conversion might increase if you offer unique solutions or give more

useful products.

Let us find out how to do Keyword Stemming ?.

Analysis shows that any variation of the Stem in the Keyword, that is the root of the keyword is considered

for extensive relevant variations. Consider a search term like Digital Marketing. Then terms with suffixes, prefixes, and affixes to the root of the two words Digital and Marketing.

They would be :



Digit and




Online Market 

Internet Market

Anyone or any similar variation of the above keyword would fit in as Stemming Keyword. That is to say, search engines treat the meaning rather than the exact word.

Because the search terms include these root variations or STEMS it would make the visibility of your blog to Search Engines more.

Therefore, these keywords would be like they are separate and return results to each of them individually.

Forming Stemming Keywords

Keyword stemming
Search terms can be widened by Keyword stemming process

Firstly there are many methods by which one could find stemming words. Consider appropriate words for these stem following :

  1. Lemmatizations is using the inflected forms, so it is relatively easy. Text Normalization (alternatively called) Word Normalization)  is used in Natural Language Processing.  Studied for over 6 decades, a computer algorithm can stem and Lemmatize using Python.  TokenizationNatural Language Toolkit   (nltk)
  2. Stochastic Method is Using suffixes and other extensions. In addition, by tabulating them you can be without much effort find out suitable ones.
  3. After that, three Algorithms for finding Stemming are listed below you can go through:
  1. IR 4.6 Stemming Algorithm
  2. Porter Stemming Algorithm
  3. Natural language processing Algorithm

However one has to take care of these stemming Words.

Keyword Proximity

As a result, the idea evaluates the nearness of the Prime Keyword and the Stemming Word.

You have to understand How closely these two relate to each other semantically.


Each of the Stem words is treated as a Separate Keyword.

Search engines return results for each of them. This naturally increases

Relation Between NLP and SEO

” The field of artificial intelligence has always envisioned machines being able to mimic the functioning and abilities of the human mind. Language is considered one of the most significant achievements of humans that have accelerated the progress of humanity. So, it is not a surprise that there is plenty of work being done to integrate language into the field of artificial intelligence in the form of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Today we see the work being manifested in the likes of Alexa and Siri. “

Natural Language Processing

From the above quote, we can easily infer that the search engines go about the task of usefulness by constantly ‘ learning’  in the form of NLP.

The more you adopt this requirement, the better you rank higher. we comply with SEO, to help web-crawlers to make sense of the usability of our article.

I want to add the latest development new technology to answer complex queries.

”  Google is developing a new technology for answering complex search queries called “MUM,” which stands for Multitask Unified Model. ”  Search Engine Journal

More on that in my next blog post.

Organic traffic.

While talking about you would find this truth about WORDS very useful. No matter where your keyword appears in the SERPs, how many clicks you get on that is important. Since it determines the traffic to your site.

You will find the secret here.

Our human brain is very fast in reacting to emotional inputs rather than intellectual inputs. And the strange thing is the reaction involuntary.

Therefore, to make someone click on your Keyword, then you need to make your meta description resonate with your audience emotionally.

It would be highly beneficial if it arouses curiosity, surprise, and empathy. So, you should concentrate on this aspect as well.  

Disadvantages in Stemming

Stemming Keywords can give good results, the main disadvantage is that they might be sometimes, Irrelevant.

Secondly, it should closely synch with that of the main theme of the Article. Otherwise, Search Engines would reject it

Keyword and its Importance

Search engines operate based on the search term that is the Keyword. We aim at making our blog relevant and useful to a wider range. People tend to use different words for a given idea. Therefore, search engines scan for more words meaning the same search term. That is where we have a better chance of showing up for any one of the search terms. Take utmost care to ensure that your write-up is related to all such words.


You have seen that the stemming keyword is an extension of the basic Root of the Keyword by Prefix, suffix, or found by using various Algorithms. They can increase organic search results. There are many words with similar meanings, which you can use efficiently to convey your core idea. And by this, you increase your chance of showing up in Search Engine Return Pages. This is a sure way of increasing traffic. So, I hope I could throw some light on some emerging concepts. Wishing you success.

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  1. This is the first time i have heard something called keyword stemming which i have never heard before. Good to know such concepts. Would love to see more and more articles from your end. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Rangan,
    Thanks for covering this topic. While writing the text will give you the freedom to alternate among various word forms and assist you in the SEO part as it helps to generate new words from the root words.

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