Connect Only Your Reptilian Brain Secret To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing

If you have come here a bit curious about the words used “Connect Only Your Reptilian Brain Secret To Boost Your Affiliate Market.” I will clear the mystery now one by one.

But before we go any further, it is my commitment to you, my friend, that my aim is to help you because I don’t see you any different from me.  My Aim Is To investigate what sells.

Once this is clear Affiliate Marketing becomes really very easy.

Fascinating Evolution of Human Race

Our topic is ” connect only your reptilian brain to boost your affiliate marketing “.Your curiosity to know how on earth the Reptilian brain has anything to do with Affiliate Marketing. Two absolutely unconnected topics!

To understand this, we need to go back a little into our Origin -rather than our ancestors.

Essentially, we come to know about the origin of our human race from studies and research. Paleo-anthropologists fix the sites approximately where fossils are likely to be located. Scientists  conducted a lot of excavations. From what they found they studied, concluded as human fossils.  By various scientific dating, processes determine the age of fossils. Further, describe the features of excavated bones and teeth found in those sites. Genetic science and other techniques help them to clearly come to certain conclusions

We are interested in short how humans have evolved up to the present time over the last 100 million years. Early evolution of home -Erectus—known as the Neanderthals— were in Eurasia. They lived and moved to other parts. They are eventually our ancestors.

Consequently, their brain and their behavior are influencing us!

Evolution of Human Race

Therefore, the study of their brain chemistry is indeed very relevant to find out about ours.

The Brain Science of Neurological Science

However highly evolved we might think of ourselves, the truth is different. We have the Reptilian and mammalian traits deeply ingrained in our unconscious minds. We learn this from Neuro-psychological investigations.

See what a noted scientist says. ( “Loretta Breuning, Ph.D., is the author of Habits of a Happy Brain and The Science of Positivity. She is the Founder of the Inner Mammal Institute and Professor Emerita of Management at California State University, East Bay. … She began creating resources that have helped thousands of people manage their inner mammals.)

She conclusively claims through her studies:

“It’s about the happy brain chemicals we’ve
inherited from earlier mammals: dopamine, serotonin,
oxytocin, and endorphin”

This shows a far deeper connection of our brains with mammals.

The next biggest truth is about our Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind.



Our Conscious and Unconscious Mind

The Joy of Dopamine

The gratification of biological needs brings a sense of Happiness.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can identify these needs

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Sex
  • Sleep
  • Excretory

Any product dealing with these needs induces Dopamine gives Joy.

The Safety of Oxytocin

Our safety instincts are very deep-rooted too. The caveman’s fears are still in our unconscious mind.

Therefore, we see all areas of human activities are driven by the safety and security of the individual or community.

The Pride of Serotonin

When you feel proud of your personality, physical and mental you are promoting Pride and Serotonin.

The Challenge of Endorphin

High achievers thrive with this chemical and overcome physical and mental discomfort and pain.

For us, as Affiliate Marketers, it is essential to manage many challenges in our business journey.

The Pain of Cortisol

Whether real or imagined pain causes secretion of this chemical.

Select your Micro Niche For Maximum Result.

Digital Marketers claim Riches are in Micro Niches. Rightly so.

You have a fair idea of how our brain operates now.

To fully use this, we need to dig deeper.

After all “humans are Social Animals” is a known theory.

Most of the sensory inputs are processed unconsciously.

Whether it is visual, auditory, olfactory (smell), tactile (touch), and palatal (taste) are analyzed first unconsciously concerning the five chemicals.

In our natural disposition, we are predominantly either visual, auditive, or any other type.

So, it is evident that as an individual you are unique in your nature. And therefore it is helpful to identify our instinct. Nature gives everyone a special gift. You don’t select a product randomly.

Therefore, selecting a product that resonates with our nature will benefit us immensely.

Even in the category of products one micro-segment will be appealing to us. Pitch on it.

This is what we call Micro Niche.

Is The Micro Niche Market Big Enough?

Now comes the question of business dynamics.

  • Finding out the market volume is important
  • The product needs to be “Evergreen”
  • Quality Products should be available in sufficient quantity.
  • your income depends on the Rate of commission.  So, select one with the maximum commission.
Consumer Behavior is Irrational

Dan Ariely in his book titled Predictably Irrational has written about consumers’ behavior. According to him, they tend to be irrational under various circumstances. He gives many tips based on his research with various customer groups.

If you are aspiring to scale high sales, read this book. Certainly, you will gain good insight into buying behavior of your prospect.


The emergence of this field of  Neuromarketing effort consists of

  • Measuring brain activities while the consumer uses the product
  • Similar neurological studies are used to find out the consumer reaction, especially the emotional reaction to Advertisement.

Functional Magnetic Resonance

EEG electroencephalograms

These are used to conduct advanced Marketing Effectiveness studies.

Here is good news. As remarked by one Professor, findings of studies have revealed Nothing New.

Or they are useless.

So, rest assured that what we already know is good enough.

For the past 15-20 years of Marketing Studies Taken up with Universities, collaboration has revealed that:

  • The brand has a measurable effect on the consumer psyche.
  • Consumers tend to perceive higher quality with a higher price tag.

Lessons learned for Affiliate Marketers

Finally, it proves that promoting your brand is essential.

Hence it follows that you need to position yourself as a market leader right from day one.

Do not compromise on the Price front.

Normal tendency or inclination most of the prospects is this. They follow blindly the affluent section (Herd Behavior). It is justified as a status symbol.

We buy through our emotional needs.

But justify the purchase with Logic.

The effective marketer needs to pitch his/her sale with emotion, also give reason to the buyer reason to justify the pur

Conclusion of the study


There are THREE Areas of Brain

  • Reptilian Brain (survival)
  • Paleomammalian Brain (emotional brain)
  • Neomammalian Brain ( the logical Brain)

We are exposed to only 5% of the Logical brain

85% of our brain only in unconscious brain)


Behavioral Aspects of Buyers

There are two stages in a sale

  1. Prospect
  2. Qualifying

Gradually you lead the prospect into buying is Funnel.

For Funnel building you can use Clickfunnel


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