One Line Story Of Personal Branding

How to tell One Line Story for Impacting Personal Branding

Updated January 24, 2022

One-Line Personal Branding Story

Wonder If you think whether a story can be told in One-Line;  let alone a One-line story of Personal Branding. For your curiosity, the answer will be somewhere in this blog.

For now, turn your attention to Personal Branding, everybody’s pet subject. It is an invisible photo of character and personality. Don’t you agree?

 Importance of Branding

Whether it is a Person, Institution, or Product nothing escapes the sway of BRAND. It is universal and none can deny the influence it wields in our everyday life.

7 Steps To Your Brand Image
The brand is the Value Perception By Your Customers

7 Steps Are

  1. Market
  2. Competition
  3. Your Unique Solution
  4. Customer Perception
  5. Followers and Brand Promoters
  6. Your Niche Market
  7. Your Positioning

How much attention do we pay to Brand as such?

When it is so powerful a factor in our lives, Should we not focus our mind on this intangible asset? We know about Global Brands such as Google, Cocoa Cola, Apple, and Amazon.

Also, we know about celebrities who project their own personal brand image. It is time to come to our own Personal Brand.

Personal Branding Story

7 Steps Of Your Brand Image

Would you not accept if I say that Personal Brand is a value tag associated with that Person. It describes completely and tells what that person stands for, and what he/she achieved in life. The field of activities you associate with.


Earl Nightingale in his famous speech defines success as ” Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”

To be a successful person you need to fix a destination and a goal. A mission well defined and time-bound. Only then it is possible to reach there.

Whatever our current position, all of us need to promote our Personal Brand aggressively. This intent is the First Step. For promoting your brand, your message should be very clear; to tell people  “Who you are?”  The truth is people do not care who you are so long they do not see how you relate to them. Take the example of cine artists, or sportspersons. How they bring entertainment to people, is the reason. So, the important point is, you should project yourself as someone who adds or serves a definite value to their lives.



What is Positioning?  Suppose someone tells you ” I am a Businessman ” you would probably be wondering “What sort of businessman is he?” The connection does not happen. Instead, if he were to tell you ” I am an Easy Taxman- I solve peoples’ frustrating tax problem” then, your reaction would be positive. You would be tempted to get connected with him for your tax-related solutions. Because you are able to immediately see some value for you with him/her.

Not only that, it is easy for anyone to remember you. The entrepreneur elevator pitch is succinct and clear.

Here we learn Your Positioning Determines peoples’ perceptions about you. Eventually, that helps build your brand.

People Love Originality

If you want to be an Authentic Personality,  you need to be Original and not fake.

How often is that you resent duplicate stuff? It does not appeal to our judgment of quality. Therefore you need to position yourself as unique- in fact, all of us are unique in our own way (our thumb impression is the proof.) Your job is to bring out that special quality, ability, or what you have.

Along with Originality, Authenticity resonates. And you would like to interact with them naturally.

Promoter Of  Peoples’ Aspiration

Many are peoples’ desires and needs. They look out for someone or some products to fulfill their requirement.

Seldom, obscure, and little-known products sell in the market. Therefore, you must be visible to the public at all costs by promoting your personal brand wherever it is possible.

Ripple Effect And You

A good personality can create a ripple effect. It is psychological fact that you create an aura around you. By sponsoring humanitarian services and helping the public causes a magnetic field of positive vibes is generated. In addition to that, the ripples you create affect people and other creatures as well who are within your orb. If you radiate positive vibes though not perceptible to our senses they influence others. Centuries-old spiritual truth proves this. Therefore I stress that you take care of your thoughts as much as words and actions. Thought, word and deed if we align them creates a positive ripple effect


Consistency is the key to any sphere of human activity. Make all your actions consistent. It is the habit of not deviating from a course of set principles, values, and practices. One of the most sought-after qualities of a brand personality. It is a virtue that you should cultivate for promoting your image.

Champion A Mission

You have to select a Worthy Cause of Human Aspiration. As pointed out earlier in this article, every activity in your organization should promote this value. Institutions driven by a strong mission are held high in peoples’ minds. This action will have a long-lasting effect on you.  When your organizational core value message is understood by all connected with your business, that is when you project high value.

Build A Tribe

People aligned with a worthy cause join hands to achieve a common goal and generate momentum. When this momentum is used positively and you influence people without much effort, your tribe grows. They gradually become your Brand Ambassadors. Each member of your Tribe can deliver to the public at large your Core Value.

Social Media Role

Earlier we talked about promoting our personal brand. How we can use social media groups? There are many Social Media Groups in which you can engage purposefully with your followers and also invite people from other similar groups and post useful content, podcasts, and Videos for the benefit of its members.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Quora are some platforms.

Telegram and Whatsup members interact share with one another. YouTube videos of high-quality long-form content addressing specific problems of your Niche can bring many subscribers. They can be nurtured to become clients if not followers.

Golden Rules Of Branding


One trait that differentiates great people from ordinary folks is CLARITY in every walk of their life. Right from choosing Career Niche to selecting the target audience, plan of action for their business to the detailed execution strategy, they are crystal clear.

When bogged down by adverse turns of events, it is clear that bails them out.

Expertise In Their Field Activity

Followers look for their icon to be an Expert in their Niche. In fact, only expert positioning is the starting point of a leader/brand. But that said, I would like to narrate a story about Henry Ford, the automobile giant.

Henry Ford did not have a College education but nevertheless was very skillful with mechanical crafts.

An over-zealous reporter wanted to play up with Henry Ford’s reputation, citing his education. His lawyers filed a petition inappropriate court for damaging the reputation. When summoned both parties in court for the hearing. The reporter’s lawyer was trying to argue and prove to the judge by asking Ford some scholarly questions. To which he answered correctly.

Finally, Ford submitted to the court that he had dozens of people were there at his beck and call to answer these questions. His prowess lay and it was in his ability to manage a large industry.

Such was the genius of Henry Ford.

Henry Ford The Automobile Giant
Henry Ford Legendary Car Maker

What set Henry Ford distinct made Ford a Brand throughout the world? He had a dream to make personal transport available to millions and worked tirelessly. Thus bringing transformation and could impact the lives of millions all over the globe.

Therefore, we learn essential skills in building A Personal Brand is:


  • Have a dream to contribute something of value to impact millions of people in a unique way.
  • Work tirelessly towards that goal.
  • Be philanthropic.

Stay Humble

You will notice that one great quality of great men and women is humility. Humility should not be confused with meekness. It only shows being grounded and constantly staying aware of the realities context and mastering the human psyche.

No great thing could be achieved without understanding people their aspirations and their problems.

Do Not Spam For Fame

Adopting clandestine and dubious methods towards establishing a Brand will be always counter-productive.

A One-line Story Of Your Personal Brand ” Be A True Collaborator Of Great Values In All Spheres Of Activity” Promote your brand and prosper.   


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