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Personal Branding is Key 6 Figure Revenue Earner

 Personal Branding is KEY Six-figure Revenue Earner- How? 


updated September 3, 2020

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A personal brand is a topic less understood, especially by small businesses.

How do you define  BRAND?

“Brand is a value proposition by your clients and an Image you create among them associated with this value perception.”  Rangan

So, creating and establishing a Personal Brand is two-pronged. One is what you project and the other what clients accept.

By contents and Blogs on your web pages- you promote Social media interactions, Podcasts, Ebooks, and webinars. Right. Then it is precisely what is this blog is all about? First, we deal with Blogs and Contents.

Blogging is a single message in so many words crafted using proven techniques to position you as an EXPERT, thereby promoting your personal branding. 

Personal Brand Infographics
9 Steps in promoting Personal Branding

 To promote your personal branding give the required period, take enough steps, and build your niche. Then you become a  leader with whom people repose confidence. This is the sure way of attracting traffic to your site.

People love stories where the browser sees a hero and a villain or obstacle. Let their imagination take wing

s. They should see coveted victory within their reach. This one of the ways to increase your Personal Brand.

An expert in your chosen field of Niche a subject or topic of interest to browsers. The example I quote from the website 10 People 

Position Yourself

Your Personal Brand revolves around Charisma- ” compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. “

If others have to see you as an expert and expect you to give to them, you should trust and believe in yourself. 

Only Authentic people can genuinely attract others and be MAGNETIC. 

Deliver Value

In order to deliver valuable products either digital or physical, you need to create with the customer in focus. When your product can solve customers’ problems and the quality that is reliable, then Marketing becomes easy.  Over-delivering is the one Mantra you should follow always 

 Bonus: Seth Godin (Area of Expertise: Marketing)

While Seth Godin was known to some before he started blogging, writing his daily thoughts on

 His TypePad website took him to the next level.

Now, all of his books are instant hits, his blog posts get thousands of shares every day, and he is considered a marketing guru and established his Personal Branding Image.

Blogging took Seth Godin from famous to expert.”

Creating Your Brand In Digital Space

There is an enormous opportunity in the Internet Marketing to earn 6-figure revenue consistently.Hereunder I cite some statistics for your guidance:

In December 2017, statistics indicate 481 million people (35% of the country’s total population) were Internet users.

4G internet is the most prevalent in India.

Internet connectivity and cost of Data is the cheapest in India.

Why You Should Make A Career Here

The result of the above information is for those eager for a career in Web-based business. Whether it is e-commerce, content marketing, social media marketing and, other Data-driven business services like web design, graphic design and hosting services, and many others is really VERY PROMISING.

How Digital Marketing Career is different from the traditional marketing profession?

Traditional marketers go about offering their products and services by personal level in their shops or business houses.

 It is, thereby limited to geographical location and is in real-time. We all have direct experience of this type of buying goods and services in our everyday life. We walk into a shop, pick up the products we want. We pay the cash and, the deal is overEven there, a strong Personal Branding says Walmart attracts more customers.

With the introduction of the Internet, the picture has changed. Marketing has become more customer-centric.  Wherever you are and whatever the time of the day customer can order through Digital Media.

Web Sites supporting such e-marketing activities are many. All the events connected with targeting a buyer and a seller offering products or services through the medium of the Internet are broadly termed as Digital Marketing.


Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional Methods

  1. There is less possibility of messages and information about the product description reaching the buyer from his/her location.
  2. Communication channels are restricted to secure two-way communication.
  3. Marketing efforts the traditional method of billboards. Posters and other print media are comparatively expensive and time-consuming.
  4. Vast global coverage is very challenging if not impossible.
  5. We are unable to measure how far the promotional message has reached. It is a blind effort.
  6. Product reviews are not possible to view.

Digital Marketing Methods

In Digital Marketing communication between the business house and the customer is easily possible. That means business houses can offer their products and services through the Internet. The client can get instantaneous updates about them.

The medium of communication is more powerful and involves social media websites, chats, apps, and Email.

  1. Digital marketing campaigns can be developed quite rapidly and with digital tools, channelizing Digital Marketing campaigns is easier.
  2. It is very beneficial for reaching global audiences.
  3. You can measure the effectiveness of Marketing Promotional activities such as campaigns through analytics. Thereby find out Return on Investment (expenses incurred)
  4. You can focus the campaign audience based on age group, locality, ethnic group, and whatever segment you want to cover. This increases the effectiveness of Campaigns and ROI.
  5. There is a unique advantage of Reviews by customers. This enhances your brand image.
  6. You could easily offer Affiliate services increasing Marketing Network.
  7. People select the product or service by the Personal Branding.

Is Digital Marketing Career suitable for the Personal Branding?

You might have understood What Electronic Marketing is! 

Have you? – Then your primary concern, ” How can I earn money with it? “

First and foremost, any individual Brand deciding Digital Marketing as a Revenue Source should bear in mind that it is a Business.  Here more than anything Brand Personality is important. Like all business, either you can run the shop yourself or join the Digital Marketing Agency. It is entirely up to you. You think you have entrepreneurial qualities Start a digital marketing business. Or you can enter some agency for a salary. There are plenty of bright openings for a capable candidate. How to write popular blogs

Like any other profession, Digital marketing is also a profession. So you need to take a course. But there is a difference. On the Internet, there are many free digital marketing courses


I have personal experience with Digital Deepak, and so I recommend them. Many others are offering digital marketing courses. You may select anyone.

A basic course is a must.

For any profession, you need to be qualified in that trade. Now unlike other skills, you need not undergo an apprenticeship or pursue a classroom-based course. You can learn certified online course almost everything related to Digital Marketing, as you start your website. This certificate will give assurance to your clients and increase your Personal Brand. Write blogs and offer your services. Thereby you learn by doing. It is said that digital marketing is like swimming. Unless you start, you may not know. 

Investment and Capital

As for investment you need to have a computer with internet facility, that is the minimum. Many housewives and students venture into digital marketing quite successfully.

Gradually, you can go on investing in improving on the website by way of themes and plugins. Sometimes outsource content and Ebooks and so on.

As your needs increase, you may invest in more facilities, like imaging and video processing equipment, to make it into a professional grade. To begin with, even a smart mobile phone can do the job.

What platforms and media are available :

Any business thrives on visibility. Nowadays, social media is used extensively as people are very active in them.

If you are not in any of them, my advice would be. To join the forum immediately. Make it a point to join various discussions. Most of them freely accept members. Learn from members and ask questions. Browse the Internet for topics and study them thoroughly.

How to use your social media  

Email is your first contact point with a friend and close relatives. Those who might trust your credibility. Contact them by sending them an email informing us that you are in Digital Marketing. Email is the easiest to start. Share all your business activities as much as you do your personal activities. Join professional forums.

Facebook is one of the most extensive shared Social Media. There are more than 2.23 billion monthly active users. Many groups, forums operate catering to different fields of activities. Advertisement through Facebook is claimed to give better conversions because the ads are aimed at a focussed audience.. The glitch is most of the visitors come there to share personal stories. So you must connect with your friends and contacts. Advertisements on Facebook are giving good results

Twitter is yet another powerful social media with 328 million active users every month. You can take advantage of their Twitter Business  Connect with business across the globe.

Google+ with active users of 111 million is also a robust Social Media network.

 You can use Social Media Networks such as YouTube video. Visual media is most effective. What thousands of words can say a single picture can achieve. If it is a video, it is more impactful. See the video and evaluate video.

 How to Master Digital Marketing and increase Personal Branding?

Digital Marketing is as much a science as an art. As far as the techniques are concerned, there are many. We discuss them briefly.

Search Engine Optimization  

Your message either in the form of written, audio and video posted offered to public display via Internet goes into the ocean of billions of web site in the world wide web. You have the tremendous task of standing out in the first page of Google or Bing. There many numerous techniques perfected by the pioneers in this field of digital marketing. Unless you master these methods and develop them by your own practical application, mastering SEO (search engine optimization) is difficult.

Generating Traffic  

Generating traffic is the biggest challenge any Digital Marketing professional faces. Of course, you can place ads in Google Adsense or Facebook or any other social media. But then whether the traffic generated is justified by the cost and ROI. Your click through rate depends on your ranking and your Personal Branding

Marketing Funnel and Conversion  

When a browser sees your web page, it is registered as an impression. And when they click and go through content or blog or watch the video, the first step is taken.

  1. First stage Awareness
  2. Second stage Activation
  3. The acquisition is the third step.
  4. Retention 4th step
  5. A referral is the 5th stage.
  6. Conversion and revenue is the final stage.

As you can clearly see, there are these six stages before you can get revenue.

For any business to do well, the visibility of the company to its prospective clients is the first step.

Since we are talking about Digital Marketing as a Career option, the Niche (the product and service line ) you are in and the knowledge is crucial for the entrepreneur.

Audience Persona.

Audience persona is defined as the description of a typical client. Success comes to those who could identify audience persona and cater to their requirement.

 How Social Media Group helps?

We have seen earlier in this article how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin are beneficial. Use these platforms intelligently to promote your products and services by posting contents and other customer-centric information. 

Go to Social media to increase Personal Branding Value

Email Marketing

Any online business depends on the email list of the subscriber. Deployment of Email capturing tools for exchange of freebies is standard practice across Digital Marketers.

Video and YouTube.

Again, as stated earlier, messages are conveyed very effectively if you use the visual medium. Never undermine the effectiveness of Webinars and YouTube videos. You can share information about your products and services through the visual medium, so you should use them.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

You might depend upon your budget, advertise in Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Choosing the right type of Campaigns and using Keywords in your Niche, you may drive traffic to your site and get sales. The only thing you must be careful about is on the return of expenditure.

Summing Up

Digital Marketing Career is a good option for entrepreneurs in this present context, as it is a viable business proposition.

Like any other business, you must take some practical training under a mentor or guide followed by a self-study by implementing what you have learnt.

If all the steps are followed, you can succeed in the Digital Marketing business. Whether it is your own product or service or affiliate products have a website of your own. To make it eCommerce site or otherwise is up to you. To be active and prove your authenticity and establish as a thriving business, you must post contents that rank high. Professional quality content gets a good response from browsers.

Last but not least, you must learn to work diligently and be focussed on the goal.  

Feel free to contact me for further information and totally free guidance. Your emails are for our contact purpose only. 

We value your privacy. Request you subscribe to our social media pages.

Wishing you a bright future in Digital Marketing Career.

I have given below some of the links you can find courses

Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle

Course Era

https://www.coursera.org › specializations › digital-marketing

digital marketing courses

simplilearnhttps://www.simplilearn.com › Digital Marketing

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