Riches Are In Niches

Don’t Waste Time Apply Latest strategies To Your Riches are Niche Marketing

Don’t Waste Time Apply Latest strategies

Your Riches are Niche Marketing!

Procrastination is the thief of time, so goes the proverb. Any action should be taken immediately because the space that we would get is captured by our competitor. Reap rewards through applying Riches are Niche Marketing principles.
But don’t despair, you will learn here. We need to welcome our competitors for one reason- that is they are our best teachers, and also trailblazers for us. You will learn dos and don’ts from them.

How To Approach Competitors?

So thankfully approach your competitor. But nevertheless ” Don’t Wate Time Apply the Latest Strategies to Your Niche Marketing”
We covered “Don’t Waste Time” and seen pros cons. Proceeding further let us focus on the ” Apply” and  “Latest Strategies” Applications of any skill or tool need complete mastery. You will be able to do it because I will make it really easy for you to execute.

Latest Strategies

The etymology of the word
1810, “art of a general,” from French strategies (18c.) and directly from Greek strategia “office or command of a general,” from strategos “general, commander of an army,” also the title of various civil officials and magistrates, from stratos “multitude, army, expedition, encamped army,” literally “that which is spread out” (from PIE root *stere- “to spread”) + agos “leader,” from agein “to lead” (from PIE root *ag- “to drive, draw out or forth, move”). In non-military use from 1887.

Lesson From Etymology

This amply clarifies that what we convey is ” one-upmanship”        (the technique or practice of gaining an advantage or feeling of superiority over another person.)
Simplifying that for you, it is a method that we follow to score better results ( in marketing terms get more leads, conversion and Sales) Therefore all the correct practices involved in every stage of lead generation right up to sale have to be taken care of.
You might ask if that is the case what is that we are hankering about ‘Niche Marketing’.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Yes, that is a very relevant question.
As Marketers, you have tried and tested so many things right and wrong. You must have certainly realized ‘where to pitch your sales promotion activities? As you have rightly guessed ‘where your prospects are there’
Now the next important question you need to ask ‘ what are they looking for?’
I would gently remind you the lessons we learn as bloggers is about Maslow’s Hierarchy of human needs. You must be surely addressing one of the groups of people. And considering the large population, it practically impossible to arrive at some topic or product they would be searching for.

Maslow’s Human Needs

  1. Basic Human Physical Needs (Food, Water, Air-Breathing, Wellness, Fitness, Sleep, etc.)
  2. Safety and Security ( Habitat, Physical Security, Safety from Hazards like fire, floods  and Children’s safety, Elder’s Care and so many others)
  3. Love and Relationship ( Social and Personal ,Community, Cultural groups and Social Interactions)
  4. Self Worth and Esteem (Recognition by near and dear, Friends and Society and all activities promoting personal esteem and nurturing values)
  5. Self Actualization is the highest in the pyramid of values.

Further Sub-divide

You take anyone strand and you will come across several subcategories.
If you take Food for example the following sub-niches you will find.
“How to Pick Your Niche as a Food Blogger
Click to discover how to serve your Fans and grow your income
The most important key to being a successful food blogger? Hard work!
Number two? Correctly picking the niche for your blog.

If you are competing with Serious Eats, Cooks Illustrated or Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg you are going to have a lot harder time than if you are a big player in a smaller niche.

And honestly, it’s more important to pick ANY niche than what that niche actually is. I have talked to so many people that were struggling with their blogs until they finally decided to find a niche. Then their readers started growing, along with their income and success.
I mean, this has outsold many of my books, and I don’t know if you can get more niche than goats in trees, but it’s successful because they know their market. As weird as it may be.
Having a niche is so important to your future success.

“Functional Niches

Functional niches are based on a specific topic, such as:

Plate Displaying Meals
Ganapathi Catering Meal

Ganapathi Catering Takeaway In Birmingham U.K

  • A Specific Type of Cooking
  • Sous vide
  • Pressure cooking
  • Air frying
  • Grilling
  • A Specific Ingredient
  • Tofu
  • Farm fresh produce
  • Wild Game
  • A Specific Cuisine or Food Category
  • Mediterranean
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Pizzas
  • Pasta
  • Tapas
  • Vegan
  • A Specific Type of Person
  • Busy Moms
  • People with peanut allergies
  • College students
  • Budget-conscious parents
  • Vegans ” Courtesy Food Blogger

You need imagination and creativity to select one ” MICRO NICHE”

Specialize And Profit

You would appreciate the fact that any specialization needs more practice and long years of internship. Because these specialists cater to a specific audience they may have fewer people coming to them. But their income may be very much higher.

Take the typical case of a Neurosurgeon. ( earns around  Rs.4,000,000. 00 per annum ) whereas General Practitioner earns around Rs. 600,00.00 per annum. That is the value of specialization.
Therefore, it is evident that Micro Niches are sure to get you riches.

How To Arrive At Your Own Micro-Niche?

It would do a lot of improvement to your funnel building, if you revisit your Niche, Sub-Niche, and Micro-Niche.
After selecting your Sub-Niche applying the tests and weighing it against the basic requirements like:

  1. Your Passion and Interest
  2. Your resources to offer valuable content vis-à-vis product
  3. Market Potential
  4. Your lookalike audience

Your next step is crucial namely, fine-tune – Selecting A Micro-Niche.
All aspects of sub-niche scrutinize and explore one area where you can find you can excel, Where you have insight. Doing more research and taking courses or reading books. Find a mastermind mentor. ( In the famous book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill lists  The Power Of The Master Mind )
Apply Leapfrog Strategy “(Bypass Strategy or LeapFrog strategy is defined as a way to surpass or overthrow the superior competition in the business field by usually by engaging in one enormous, determined, ruthless, brilliant leap of the mastermind that results in extraordinary growth, profit, and management position )”
Thus fixing your Micro-Niche, you virtually tap on and lay your hands on Gold Mine.
It may sound exaggerated, but believe me by studying highly successful Digital Marketers I have come to this conclusion.

Step into the shoes of your Prospects

There are emotional factors you must take care of. Because our Prospect is an Emotional Entity. Therefore realizing it you will reflect on their emotional status.

I am listing some to help you to ponder.

  1. What are the desires, dreams of your Prospect?
  2. How can you make them feel self-confident, proud, and happy?

What are the negative feelings they are facing?

  1. Fears and Frustrations
  2. Hate and Angry
  3. Sceptical and doubtful
  4. Embarrassed
  5. Their shame and guilt

To the extent, you bring solace to them they would feel connected with you. Gradually, you can nurture them lead them into your lead and sales funnel.

Those who master these skills will become a top-notch marketer.

Mindful On Your Way Up

Sounding very optimist thus far you need to adhere to certain basic principles observed in Money Making Business.

  1. Money is only the result of the quality and quantity of the services or the intrinsic value of your product. Therefore pay more attention to make it valuable
  2. It is virtually not possible to get something for Nothing.
  3. As my Mentor would always say ” Don’t be Cheap on Your Journey To Great Achievements”
  4. Your Mind is fertile soil. Sow the seeds of Success in It 
  5. Never stop learning
  6. Words are our greatest Assets. Cherish and refine
  7. Gratitude brings Grace. Feel grateful to one and all whether good or bad. I will write about it in my next Blog.

Stay connected and let us prosper together.
Finally, I humbly request you to share valuable comments to help write a blog that is useful.

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