Story telling to boost your content

Storytelling is an essential part of Content

Content Marketing Gurus emphasize The role of Story Telling strongly. Therefore I want to explain various aspects of Story Telling with regard to Content and Content Marketing so that you can use these for creating excellent content.

What is Story Telling?

We all know what a story is. What relevance does storytelling have with content? That is why we are talking about it here. Since it has a special purpose and meaning in content. It (The Story) is a narrative with people and situations. The story narrates a tale about a product or a service with personal eventful interesting incidence or account. By this account of events and experiences, the reader is easily able to connect emotionally with the message we are trying to communicate.

Stories are easy to understand

The human psyche is tuned to understand easily events and pictures readily. It is much more difficult to cope with abstract statements. Our brains have to work extra and put stress on it.

Communicate with ease

Your ultimate purpose in writing any content is to communicate your message to your reader. Be it telling them to buy a product or service or influence them favourably it. Hence it is unavoidable if your intention is conveying your message through content to result in a meaningful interaction with your reader. Story narrative makes the content reading a joyful experience and people love it

Make Your Story Contextual and Useful

Content serves as a marketing tool. Make it is relevant, Contextual, and useful.

How to make storytelling fit in?

People come to you searching for solutions to their urgent problems.

You need to offer that solution in lucid understandable language. The story makes your work easy, provided you learn the art correctly.

It is by making it such that it captures the interest of the intended audience of your choice. Also, it is useful and usable to them to solve their problems.

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How are the Stories Structured?

The theme of the Stories depends on the goal of the content.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales and conversion
  • Build customer Loyalty
  • Upselling

Setting your goal of the content you develop the context of your story.

Your story has a theme in which the hero (your reader ) who is in desperate need of a solution finds help from a guide (you- solution provider) happily get rid of that nagging problem.

Brand Awareness Stories

Stories make the listener or reader connect with the narrative emotionally.

“We form connections between the stories and ourselves, which is powerful.

This process is called “narrative transportation,” a term coined by Richard J. Gerrig, a psychology professor at Yale University “.Reference

Often we see adverts portraying a celebrity using a product and certifying it. It promotes that brand. This involves huge promotional expenses. But results in long-term brand awareness among people.

Traffic Generation

Traffic Generation contents use different tactics.

Curiosity is the basic element. For example, content may tell a story of someone who was able to use your free tool or template gained better results, say more sales or fitness or whatever it is. The prospect is tempted to see what that tool or template is like and use it profitably.He/She is motivated to click on the link.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is with an intent to buy a product or service or least curious to know more about it.

The storyline maybe by showing the benefits and features of the product or service which gives massive value to the buyer.

Conversion, Brand loyalty and Upselling

Here the storyline will be benefits of immediate purchase and long-term benefit.

How many customers have already purchased, stats to show their reviews? Also, they are bringing more of their friends and so on.

The course of the storyline will follow this theme so that prospects are already aware of the product, and used freebies are made to think favourably to buy it.

Increasing the Overall Value of Story.

Here again, I repeat the story theme for you to understand better. In the story the Prospect is Hero. Like in any story there are 3 key characters.

  1. The Hero
  2. Villain and
  3. The guide

The customer is the hero he/she has certain ambition, desire, task or a nagging problem.

Facing a hurdle in doing this is the pain point of the prospect.

You step in as a Guide and help her/him solve that problem.

The story ends on a happy note.

Key take away of this Content

So far my aim was purely to give some insight into the storyboarding of Content writing.

To help you recapture I am summing up as under:

Content Writing should be aimed at a definite Goal.

  • To capture the attention of the audience and emotionally connect with content, Stories are used.
  • Making it relevant and contextual is important
  • The basic plot of the story consists of three characters
  • The Hero
  • Villain and
  • The guide

Hope you are able to get a clear idea about the Roll of Story Telling in Content Writing.

Please comment on your site, and social media platforms so that others also can benefit.

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