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Monetizing by Paid Blogs

Learn about paid blogs.

Value loaded blogs that some one is willing to pay and read.

On topics thoroughly researched about Niches- more specifically Micro-Niches. Because riches are in Micro-Niches.

You will agree with me if I say that when you are planning to scale to 6 or 7 figure business the base for ‘Paid Blog Writing‘ needs to be very strong.

That is why a thorough study and understanding is required. I am here to help you.

Why Anybody Pay For Reading Your Blog?

For finding out we need to ask the question why we buy a book? Or for that matter go to movies. The same reason holds good.

Here are the reasons:

  •  A blog educates, so for that value you pay.
  • Entertain – generally sports blogs, movie and host of topics for entertainment
  • Empowering by giving you templates and other tools- eBooks
  • Help you find ways of monetizing.
  • Help you with SEO, page and domain  authority  and other tactics to improve your visibility.

You need not reinvent the Wheel

Blog Marketing

Earlier you saw the benefits of reading blog.

You read types of  blog for various types. But the core idea of the author is to share some information that is:

  • Informational
  • Transactional
  • Entertainment
  • Educational

Whatever the nature of your content the reader engages and if found useful may comment, Share, and recommend to friends.

It all depends on how useful it is in their eyes.

How can you make it useful should be concern of the writer.

As you are fully aware there are many courses and coaches teaching and guiding you about blogging and SEO and Ranking.

But how to Monetize Paid Blogs is a subject I want to present in a new light.

Curiosity the driving Force

Your readers come to your site seeking answer to their pressing urgent problem. So, you have to state what problem you are solving.

What is your solution?

How your solution is unique or in other words why adopt the solution?

  • Is it cost-effective?
  • Does it make the solution easy?
  • Is it fool-proof?

Are the consideration that makes you stand out as it gives a great user experience.

Find Niches for Riches for Your Blog

Earn Money by Selecting Proper Niche

A niche is a product or service Segment. If you go to a Departmental Stores, they have arranged different products. You go to that part to select your requirement.

Similarly, on the internet, there are millions and billions of blogs and contents that cater to different users. If you make it general, then the browsers may not all find what they want. On the contrary, if you deal with a specific product or service you attract only those who are searching for it.

There are two advantages.

  • Your browser search is made easier and specific
  • Concentrating on narrow Micro-Niche people take you as an Expert.
  • Milgram’s law states that people invariably and blindly take the word of an Expert.
  • That means you wield more authority and people will buy from you

Now next question is how to arrive at that coveted Micro-Niche?

Finding Profitable Micro-Niche Made Simple

There is an easy method. Go through this Google sheet which I shared here as per document and fill up the answers to the questions.

If you have any questions and doubts contact me through email:

[email protected]

You can also follow and chat with me on Facebook

Jammalamadugu Rangan

For Those Who Are In A Hurry!

I know that many of you want to know quickly what is there in it for you.

To help you I summarize.

Blog Writing is profitable if you know how to make useful to your prospects.

Micro-Niche is the best for making money.

In the Google sheet I have given you method how you can start a business after finding your Micro-Niche.

Last but not the least Project as an expert, as this is the only way to promote your brand

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