Understand Your spectacular brain for a remarkable life

If there is one marvelous creation that surpasses all complexity it is undoubtedly the Human Brain.

We are not utilizing the full potential of our brain save a minuscule part only.

The reason for this is that most people have very little idea about the functioning of their valuable Brain.

Therefore Understand your Spectacular Brain for a Remarkable Life.

The benefits are many; however, I list only a few here. Read about that go further.

  • Understand our Survival Instincts
  • Our Emotions and how they generate our triggers
  • Our Identity
  • How to identify your Opportunity?
  • Habits you can easily change
  • Actions you take
  • Decisions you make.

The Three Stages of Brain Activation That Lead to a Spectacular Idea

It is really fascinating to know about our Brain.

From Psychologists, Neuroscience, and many fields of allied researches,

we learn that there are three brains. This is an oversimplified statement, but for our understanding, it helps.

Sometimes it is called the TRIUNE brain.

Let us investigate one by one.

  • The basal ganglia first Brain in reptiles. Controls our primordial instincts

(” The reptilian brain, nearly 700 million years ago“)

  • Mammalian Brain 500 million years old. Its function is memory reproduction, and nurturing offspring.
  • The neocortex is the recent brain we consciously use every day.

The Reptilian Brain and How it Influences Your Behavior

Fight Flight Response is the most basic survival instinct that continues from the Reptile era up to now.

If we deeply observe our behavior we would come to know this behavioral response.

Whatever we do or plan to do to take action has to pass through the filter Reticular Activation System.

If you perceive a threat, there is an emotional trigger of fear.

Then, however much we may try consciously, it would not be possible to manifest.

Later in this article, we will see more about it.

Limbic brain or Mammalian brain

This part of the brain has many functions.

” According to MacLean (1990), the limbic system of this mammalian brain is the center of emotion and learning.

It developed very early in mammalian evolution.

To regulate the motivations and emotions that we now associate with feeding, reproduction, and attachment behaviors.”

Therefore, Reproduction, care of the Offsprings nurturing, and

according to some scholars, the circadian clock

governing activity and rest are the important functions.

Neocortex Brain

Our conscious brain verbally functions with logic.

And our decisions and actions we are planning here.

( Perception, language, and decision making )

However, evolved, we are still subject to our survival and mammalian brains. It controls actions ad decisions.

Higher levels of Consciousness

Psychedelic Meditation

The direct evidence of Higher Levels of Consciousness is

certain mental capabilities we come across throughout history.

Psychical Research Societies function in Europe and Asia embracing paranormal psychical happenings. Psychedelic meditation is another way to connect with the superconsciousness

They investigate phenomenons that we are unable to explain scientifically.

Premonition, Extra Sensory Perception, Hypnotism, and Mesmerism, and Psychokinesis are some examples.

Beyond Brain and Mind

How we can unify all the phenomenon defy scientific explanations? Many spiritual Gurus speak about them.

Quantum science describes wave functions. And Uncertainty principle defies our commonsense experience.

All this is beyond my scope. This is only indicative.

At the present stage of our existence what we are worried about?

Only concerned about how we can handle deep-rooted unconscious problems causing fears, frustrations. How to change phobias,

It is said that Cortisol secretes the moment we encounter a threatening experience. But in reality, it might not be true. Because it is only an association with an experience encountered many years back.

Story of a girl frightened by someone laughing!

A young girl was traveling by car with her friend.

Unfortunately, the car met with an accident. Her friend died. At the time of the accident,

the girl who was seated in the rear seat was laughing.

But little did the girl knew about this traumatic association.

But subconsciously associated with the dreadful experience.

People undergo innumerable traumatic experiences and suffer for a long.

Failures, frustrations, and fears are all caused by incidents of which they are not aware.

That is why I recommend to people suffering such psychological shortcomings to take professional help.


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