Direct Response Marketing

Is Direct Response Marketing All About Copywriting?

Is Direct Response Marketing All About Copywriting?

Marketers used Direct Response Marketing. And it is one of the oldest ways to engage their audience.  And it triggers an immediate response from them.

Either they become a buyer or a prospect.

Some direct response marketers convert more than others. I exclusively offer to you this blog “Is Direct Response Marketing All About Marketing?” for your better understanding of marketing.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

And what does Copywriting have to do with it?

Plus many more secrets, I want to share with you. Read till the end to get the benefit. We will consider ground up.

Direct Marketing Response Audience

All the experienced digital marketers advise bringing a personal touch to your message or blog. A sure way to get your browser to read your blogs. To make your Direct Marketing Response Audience trust you this is essential.

Your contact with your readers is through the words you are using.

Therefore the challenge before us is to focus our attention to connect with our readers emotionally using emotional Words.

In addition to words, creating a story acts as a bridge between you and your audience

Consequently, it becomes a direct marketing response to narrate your story with a more personal connection.

Interesting truths we unearth once we adopt this approach.

Is Copywriting any different from everyday writing?

You will observe that Copywriting is a part of marketing. ” Copywriting is one of the most critical elements of any form of marketing and advertising. And incidentally the oldest form”.

History of Copy Calling ( earliest form)

History is replete with scenes describing vendors selling commodities in open markets in the public. Here vendors offered their merchandise by shouting loud calling out people to buy. The words used by some of the smartest vendors were the Copycalling

This is how the copy was born. And later it evolved and emerged into a more sophisticated written call. Copywriting consists of the words, either written or spoken, marketers use. They are so attractive that people listen to them. Prompting to take any action after reading or hearing them follows voluntarily

Effects of Copywriting

Marketing is a prolonged sustained effort to entice the prospect into a buyer.  Create an Awareness in the Prospects’ mind. Which is termed as Brand Awareness”.

But, Copywriting makes an ordinary passer-by, draws his/her attention to the Product or Service you are offering makes them feel wanting to buy.

  • By your personal story
  • By the empathy, you create by solving their problems

Prospect may consider buying. It is here that  Marketing begins. But beyond copywriting and Marketing, the true value that you offer as a person goes a long way. You connect with your prospect emotionally by the empathy they could feel. Consequently, there is a Bond that creates Trust. Marketers say prospects buy based on the person.

You entice Prospect to take any action to buy a product or service. And send messages either mail or post publicly through the web page.

Usually, the strategy followed is to make the prospect dream a future situation after they have purchased a product.

By the stories you were able to create a perception,

that make them see their life transformed instantly.

Dreaming about the transformation is what a good copy should achieve.

Therefore, inducement of this sort is not there in everyday writing and so it is very different.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing/ advertising is different from other sales campaigns.

It is the goal of Direct Response Marketing to convince the prospect to take instant action.

How to achieve it? We react fast to emotional stimuli than intellectual ones.

Therefore the list below shows what emotions are deployed.

  • Curiosity
  • Desire
  • Persuasion
  •  FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  •  Open Loops
  •  Specificity
  •  Simplicity
  •  Immediate Gain


Use of Emotional Triggers

You understand how each emotional trigger is deployed to capture the attention of the Prospect.


” The term curiosity can also be used to denote the behavior or emotion trying to dig into the desire to gain knowledge or information. Curiosity as a behavior and emotion is attributed over millennia as the driving force behind not only human development, but developments in science, language, and industry ”

One of the most primordial instincts nature has endowed all living beings.

Direct Marketing Response to arouse curiosity e is Curiosity the Mother Development
Direct Response Marketing is driven by Curiosity

We humans use it for faster evolution and progress.

all the cover stories and headlines arouse a certain curiosity in readers’ psyche.

Certainly, it is the most captivating emotional hook to


Activities emanate from this emotion. If curiosity makes us know something, the next logical step is to take action.

There are various levels of desires depending upon the results we long for.

Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual are many areas we can find desire manifesting

All desires drive us towards a Goal
Desire The Source Of All Actions


Right in the days of Aristotle, the Art of Rhetoric was taught for Political gains.

Thinkers found that usage of specific words made people take the action they want.


One Sentence Persuasion Course Book By Blair Warren
One Sentence Persuasion Course Book By Blair Warren

Blair Warren tells in his book to persuade someone you follow the following guidelines.

  • Encourage their dreams
  • Justify their failures ( give some reason)
  • Allay their fears
  • Help them throw rocks at their enemies

This technique according to the author was powerfully used for nefarious ends by people like Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Marshall Applewhite (UFO cult leader).

So, persuasion to the extreme was possible by the cult leaders. Author Warren claims by many years of research he could decode principles of Persuasion.

Since it is very effective even fundraising and charitable institutions take advantage of persuasive texts.

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

.A  psychological apprehension that others might have a rewarding experience is the basis to this fear

One feels that he/she might be left alone.

The acronym is so prevalent that it was added to the Oxford Dictionary

Open Loops

“An open loop is a concept that, in the telling of stories, drives

our brains to naturally want to seek out some sort of conclusion.” Autogrow

A pictorial or graphic narrative that is compulsive to the viewer to force themselves into an action that the writer intends.


The antithesis to being vague is specificity.

In Copywriting it is ensuring whether the copy is clearly understood by the audience for who it is meant.

In short, making our statements verifiable with data.

The measurable outcome, Time frame result-oriented action plan are some methods to make your copywritng more appealing. Here instead of more if I said that more specific ad copy converts 62% more you would trust.


As the title is clear we are talking about copywriting being Simple and direct.

No complications.

There may be redundancy and repetition to make your point clear

but it should not be long-winded and complicated. People shun such things

Immediate Gain

People are generally impatient when it comes to seeing the results.

That is how you can justify short-term, Crash Courses when it comes to learning.

This tendency is everywhere. Be it health, weight loss, learning, making money.

It is not uncommon that you come across advertisements. It addresses our greed.

Direct Response Marketing vs. Copywriting

Copywriting is universal in use. Direct Response Marketing also uses the same script.

appealing to buyers to buy the product or service immediately. So it is time-bound.

Copywriting is also fr promoting Brand awareness and positioning the product at a higher pedestal.

Consumers are more favorably biased to buying across many outlets.

Copywriting is necessary even for Direct Response Marketing.

Branding is sustained or delayed response marketing. We also use Copywriting to make an impression in the minds of readers. (Brand Awareness)

Recap for your easy recollection

Direct Response Marketing is the oldest form of Sales.

To make a sale your audience must Trust you.

Trust comes from personal connection

You make this connection using words that arouse emotions.

Copywriting is to promote A Brand -Long term.

Direct Response Copywriting is for immediate sales.

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