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How to Find Your Niche?

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Updated  October 15, 2021

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 How to find your unique Niche ?

 We will investigate how you  can make  your unique Niche and use it for driving traffic to your site. How important it is and its great Marketing Potential. It easy to find your Niche and for that read further “how”

Dictionary defines  Niche as: “a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing “
That is why it is important we have to ensure that the product or service is both suitable and appropriate.

Evergreen Niches are for all the time to come as against short lived ones. Think about it

What is important about selecting a particular line of “Niche” for your Marketing. Why it is important to find your Niche?

Niche Marketing is broadly defined as:

“focusing all marketing efforts towards well-defined segment need of the population”.

Here we are talking about a Product line or alternatively Service sector

Niche  does not exist, in isolation-  but it is a smart strategy of selecting a product or service . It helps identifying our target audience and offer it in a unique way.  It is our aim to fulfill what the customer wants in a selected segment.  Also is the topic which attracts large number of browsers to your site. And gives an image  and Identity  establish as some one with Brand .Your Website will show up whenever someone searches for niche specific item. Your anchor  blog should write about it. When you post articles continuously relevant to particular field of interest or Niche, people look for this Niche more, in your Site. By your experience and product knowledge you can offer expert service.

Finding your Niche as Synergy for Branding

Niche defines the BRAND is a well known and Niche Marketing effort succeeds.( Synergy Marketing)

How to find your Niche?

How you find your Niche suitable for Niche marketing involves Five Factors.

  • Personal Passion
  • Is there enough demand for this Topic? Or enough marketing potential for that Niche
  • Life of the Niche  Is it ever green?
  • Competition and the present Key-players.
  • How to find your Niche that is easy  and profitable (Monetization potential)

Personal Passion is how you find your Niche

Each individual is unique in that his/her likes and dislikes are different. You like to talk about certain topic freely and evince interest in that subject.

Added to that you have a unique angle, a key point of view or any specialization dealing with that subject matter that adds immense value. This may be very useful for browsers searching for that topic. This topic which is dear to you, is the best Niche you should select. 

Seeing more of topics dealing with a particular niche creates trust in your browsers’ mind.

Whether you sell your own product or an affiliate product, people would be more willing to buy from you. Or take your affiliate recommendation seriously.   

Marketing : How to find your Niche activities

Second in the consideration is; about the browsers searching for your Niche.

It is no use keeping a shop open and nobody visits it. In keyword search make research if enough traffic is there for it. Otherwise your effort will be in vain

Make sure sufficient browsers are searching. Fair estimation is the key to success. if you do proper SEO and have sizable back-links then you can rank in SERP. This would would help generate sizable organic traffic.

Is your Niche unique, seasonal or evergreen?

One prime factor for considering the  the suitability of your merchandise or range of products has its demand for all times to come. You find certain products are touch-and-go. Channeling all your marketing efforts for this non-continuous  products will not be sustainable

Therefore, selecting line of Niche Which should be Long-term evergreen.

Competition and Long-tail keyword

In common practice, if the Niche is too generic the volume may be huge. Here established long standing brands have a great dominance. That is why concentrate on your Niche unique and how to find.  Stiff competition awaits you. Conversely specific product line may be low volume. They are searched by people with an intent to buy. The search term is called Long-tail keyword. Your niche marketing must be aimed at a specific segment of browsers.  Further the intention of generic search may not be focused to conversion.  Meaning even though you may get lot of people to visit, the sales will not be much. To get over, we select LONG-TAIL KEYWORD.

When to use MICRO-NICHE MARKETING  technique.? When your Niche very highly selective, you can use this technique. But there is a disadvantage in this. Your traffic will be reduced. But, you will have better conversion. There is another angle to it. If you spend $2 for driving traffic, and you earn $5  from every sale, assume you spend $2000 as advertisement expenses from this convert sales resulting in $5000, then it is good business proposition. That is the advantage of selecting Micro Niche. 

How well suitable for Monetization

Our effort in Monetization is an important consideration.   The benefits you derive from proper sustainable Niche are many. When considering context of monetization, we like to think of the browser or reader searching for particular information. The writer should  be doing a great job in giving helpful relevant scholarly content. The educational content is the best form of Content Marketing

This would ensure to rank and to drive traffic. First step in monetization, is to get the attention of our clients and infuse confidence in our capacity to solve their  problems. We get a clear picture of the suitability by clear analysis with sense of purpose and direction. This is the purpose of ” How to find your Niche” blog

Focus for whom  we are writing 

The level of the audience is important, if it is for beginner it could be different. The same varies when it has to cater to more advanced reader. “Know your Audience “. When writing a blog in any Niche Marketing magazine or directory. So, how to find your Niche and use that knowledge profitably is sure way of netting more browser. 
Directing Marketing Efforts in The Selected NICHE
Once we get enough traffic either organic or through paid ads, where we can direct browsers’ attention to our marketing funnels. We can post images or videos  on any of products  of own Niche or affiliates. All ads placed in our site would get viewers. This would encourage advertisers to come forward to advertise their products or services of this particular Niche. This would further reinforce and render credibility to our browsers.

Summing up

Select a Niche based on your passion and things you enjoy talking and writing about. Be careful to find out how good is this Niche Marketing activity is for business considerations, like if there is enough revenue you can make. Make sure the product or service does not become obsolete. Do you have expertise in the line of  Niche you have selected, if not align with an expert and slowly acquire mastery. However you may hire outside talent to help you.


Competition is good because it makes you to excel yourself. So, treat it as such.

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